Favorite Edward Moments in the Books

We’d like to know what you think is Edward’s finest moment from the book series.  We have a list of what we thought were some of his best moments for you to vote for,   Then leave us a comment saying why you chose that moment.  If you think we missed a moment, let us know about it in the comments.



  1. because everyone loves the leg hitch!!!!! 😛

  2. my actual favorite scene is the restaruant scene and also the scene where bella tells him she know what he is

  3. radiowidow says

    I vote for at the restaurant because this is where he first throws caution to the wind and makes himself vulnerable by letting her know the truth. The meadow scene would be a close second.

  4. The leg hitch and the proposal were two completely different scenes in the book, this is getting mixed up with the movie that combined both scenes, but the poll says in the BOOKS so get it right!

  5. Edward? Why Am I Covered in Feathers? Did you have to Break Esme’s Bed?

  6. The restaurant scene wins for me becuz this is where all cards get laid on the table…evry secret is confirmed But this is where she really & truly uncovers his nature & decides that she doesnt care what he is…she’s willing to love him regardless!!!! *tear*

    • I think one of Edward’s best moments is actually in the tent scene and directly after the next morning… it reveals all of his struggles that he has had since the very beginning and his betterment of all of them – his true love for Bella in that he would rather leave her and let her find happiness elsewhere than turn her into a vampire and change her destiny and possibly take her soul for the sole benefit of bringing himself happiness … we see the depth of his love and his longing for her, but we also see his willingness to deny himself in order to provide the best for her … we also see his complete denial of self in allowing himself to be vulnerable to Jacob – kindness to Jacob even – this is a complete picture of him and all the reasons I love and admire his character

      • radiowdiow says

        This is definitely one of the top 5 moments as well!

      • vampbball says

        I agree with you, Erika. He showed so much grace and maturity.

      • I also chose a quote from this scene. It’s definitely my favorite Edward moment. Thanks Erika, you just express it 10 times better than I could ever do in another language (sorry, I’m just a french girl trying to improve my english)! ^^

  7. Michelle says

    I think personally the tent scene in Eclipse between him and Jacob that he would be willing to let her go because he loved her more than his own life was his finest moment!!!

  8. I liked the restaurant scene in Twilight because it is the first time he is openly vulnerable to her.

  9. These remind me why I love these books so much. Thanks Lexicon !

  10. Lynne Stringer says

    I think it was during my favourite quote of his, when he assures her that he is his one true love:

    “Sleep, my Bella. Dream happy dreams. You are the only one who has touched my heart. It will always be yours. Sleep, my only love.”

  11. These polls are way to hard. I can’t choose!

  12. My favorite Edward scene is from the end of Breaking Dawn when he can read Bella’s mind and can’t stop kissing her and says that they’ll have forever to work on it.
    I voted for the 1st night of their honeymoon, because it’s Edward, in the sea, with Bella, kissing her etc, and biting pillows!!!!

  13. My favorite scene? When he left.

  14. Again, could’ve used the “all” vote…but though Breaking Dawn’s love scene truly had my heart pounding…(actually, the whole book did~it’s my fave of them all)…the meadow scene is one I have read over and over! Bella’s sitting quietly and wonderment at his skin’s brilliant shine in the sunlight; the feeling of being there & watching as they discover the depth of the feelings they have toward each other; Edward’s awe at the feel of Bella’s touch, and his being torn between the lure of her blood and the sensations she’s bringing out in her nearness…just an amazing scene (which, btw, was totally butchered in the first movie…hated it!). I absolutely love this scene!!!

  15. I think the greatest Edward scene in the books is in Eclipse, when bella wakes up after they have returned from Italy and Edward have to convince her that he is real…. I love him in that scene….

  16. Brannigan says

    The first night of the honeymoon on Isle Esme was amazing. I couldn’t help but smile the entire time I was reading it. <3

  17. CullenCoven says

    I think you should’ve put options for
    New Moon
    Breaking Dawn and
    Whole Series

  18. vampbball says

    I LOVED watching Edward kill Victoria. Since we see the series from Bella’s perspective, we rarely get to see this side of Edward’s nature. Seeing him be a fighter towards a dangerous enemy was just…awesome.

  19. I have three favorites and two are listed, so I can’t choose between them. My first is the scene in New Moon where she wakes up after sleeping for 14 hours and he’s there. Absolutely awesome. My next favorite is the leg hitching scene. And the last is the proposal scene.

  20. his proposal, simply because he looked so thrilled that bella said yes to him, he looked like he was walking on clouds at that moment!

  21. the proposal scene is definatly the best because no matter how many time i read or see it i cant help but cry. it is so sweet and romantic. he knows that bella doesnt want him to make a big deal out of it but he gives her the full package:getting down on one knee, the old fashioned ring, ect. i just really love edward!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! you are now 99 years older than me, old man

  22. Jordan/JJFoxiTwiHardMrsCullen97 says

    I chose The first night of the honeymoon in Breaking Dawn because it is so romantic, sensitive and intense!!! I thought it brought out the real Bella and Edward!!! x

  23. When wasn’t Edward ever at his best, except I think when he left, but, that even is negotiable because it was for Bella’s safety- he thought. I think the restaurant was great, too. It’s all good

  24. Charlotte says

    I picked the proposal it was so sweet and romantic. I do love a good leg hitch as well though and if I had to pick 1 not on the list i’d say when he saves her from the van in Twilight without that there’d be no story!!!

  25. daringashes says

    i like the restaurant scene because he confirms her suspicions and doesn’t deny anything…and also when he say’s i dont think i have the strength to stay away from you.sigh*

  26. Brandi P. says

    First night of the honeymoon-priceless. Worth the years I had to wait to read it and better everytime I read it again! I remember the first time I read that scence, I was so into the book that someone rang the doorbell and I didn’t even hear it!

  27. which one is the leg hitch scene??????????

    • If I remember correctly, since my book is packed away & I can’t check for sure, the “Leg Hitch Scene” is begins on pg 185 of Eclipse after Edward returns from hunting & Bella is supposed to be mad at him but she was so glad to be with him again, there was no memory of why she was supposed to be angry with him in the first place–he pulled her on the bed & wound up hitching her leg over his hip. Read that whole half chap again. Can’t wait to get a Nook so I have these bks with me all the time *sigh*.

  28. My favourite Edward scene is basically the whole “blood type” chapter out of Twilight. It’s so funny and I missed it a lot in the movie.

  29. My alltime favorite Edward moment didn’t make it into the film but it is on pages 276 & 277 in the Eclipse book. I just melt when he says to Bella “You see, Bella, I was always that boy” and then goes on to tell her that he was already a man in his time getting ready to be a soldier and not looking for love, but then he says “but if I had found…” He paused, cocking his head to the side “I was going to say if I found someone, but that won’t do. If I had found you, there isn’t any doubt in my mind how I would have proceeded. I was that boy, who would have – as soon as I discovered that you were what I was looking for – gotten down on one knee and endeavored to secure your hand. I would have wanted you for eternity, even when the word didn’t have the same connotations.” When he says that he is “that boy” I for some reason get weak in the knees. I so wish that he would have said those words in the movie, to actually hear Edward say those words would have totally done me in.

  30. every word every line every gesture and every scene with Edward is priceless and perfect either when he’s happy, angry, sad, cruel or jut being his tender romantic self. i love every thing he says or does so deeply.HE’S THE ONLY MAN I LOVE

  31. To me the best moment with Edward was not such a huge or meaningful scene, but a small moment most people probabbly didn’t even notice it…actually, 2 of them – first Edward embracing Bella in front of all the schoolmates “As i’m anyway going to hell”))) and the moment when he says Bella in Twilight that Jessica is going to ask her if they’re dating…Bella asks smth like “what should i say” and he answers like “i think you should say YES”)))) so sweet)

  32. Ohhhhh I can’t choose, I love all these!

  33. somethingblue says

    I chose the leg hitch scene mainly because I have so many fun memories of all of the ‘adult roll call” thread friends and I reading that scene together and swooning. I also read this scene aloud in Forks to a few of my friends and we gushed. So many fun memories! This was all before the first movie even was released 🙂

  34. I really liked the scene between him and Bella just before they meet the cullens on the baseball field. It was really cute! Haha. And the scene after the italy disaster when he tries to convince her he loves her.

  35. When he first hears Renessmee’s thoughts, also when he is watching Bella come down the isle at the wedding

    • Ohh, I loved the scene when he heard Renesmee’s thoughts while she was still in Bella’s stomach. That was incredibly sweet! I also loved the leg hitch scene – subtle and sexy. My other favorite scene was the first night they spent together after the meadow – when he is sitting in the chair and holds his arms out for her to come and sit in his lap. Swoon!

  36. switzy4ever14 says

    Saving Bella from James’s venom. Has to be. The pain and overwhelming desire in that moment is unbelieveable, and he goes through it to save the girl he loves. Just those words make me swoon 😉

  37. All great moments listed, but my favorites, are the smaller, more subtle ones.

    My favorite, in the school cafeteria, when Edward curls his finger, motioning Bella over to sit with him, and the ensuing conversation, and bottle cap fetish. Makes my heart race.


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