Edward’s Most Romantic Gesture

So many people love the Twilight Saga for the romance.  We’d like to know what you feel is the most romantic gesture that Edward made toward Bella.   Vote first and then tell us why you made that choice by leaving us a comment.  And if you feel we forgot to mention one of the most romantic gestures, then let us know in the comments.


  1. Writing a song for Bella. That has always been my favorite romantic gesture.

    • Hey, this is just a question, because I am not sure, but is it true that he didn’t write the song FOR her? He only dedicated it to her? He wrote the song before they even began to really get to know each other, right? I know it was about her, but was it for her?

      • Didn’t it start out as his special lullaby for her?

      • He wrote the song while thinking of her before they started to date, If you read Midnight Sun this part is in there. But i’m not sure exactly where because I only read it once.

        • Hey i think he wrote it the night he understood finally that he couldn’t leave her, those were the days when Jasper’s friends were there at Cullens’ house. and he gave up trying to forget her and was very happy, remember Esmee’s watching him playing? and after playing this melody he went to watch her sleeping))) Yes, i think it was kinda tribute to her..

  2. Missy Wilbur says

    I think you have overlooked a instance where Edward was very romantic with Bella which forged the basis for her trust in him, when he took her home and then went flying out the window with her to show Bella his world. He had to feel very vulnerable at that moment, having to expose the only place he can be his truest self. In that moment, he relaxed and decided that the payoff for allowing his thirst for her to be suppressed would be this potential for a love he was denied in his former life. The gesture was very romantic and disarming. For him to take her by the arm and give her insight to what it is to be him, what he can do, the height of his perspective and how he feels the most like himself and not this horrifying monster was the best moment of romance for me. When any man, much less a vampire, let’s down their guard and gives you a peek at who they really are at the core… that’s when romance can begin. OH, I need Midnight Sun to come out so that we can see the richness that is his perspective. Still sending positive vibes to Stephenie everyday to get the passion to let him tell his full story and not be silenced by stupid people who leaked the work…. xoxo

    • Twilight_News says

      Oh! That’s a nice moment! You are very right about how vulnerable he must be letting her see his world.

    • ohhhhhhh ohhh ohhhhh, I definitely agree………that was the most romantic thing!!! Especially wen u read about him explaining and revealing evryting about his and his families past to her It really is romantic…especially as u read that he has nevr felt such happiness and love in all his 100 years…he was truly happy that he cud finally feel the way evry1 else in his family feels about their mate. And also it shows determination becuz altho he’s scared, he’s really in love, wants to make it work and wants her 2 know evryting about him & vice versa!!!!! And he starts by inviting her to meet his family and giving her a taste of what this life is to him…..truly the romantic!!! <3

    • I love this ! Oh I love these books. Great reminders Lexicon.

    • Oh, I loved the ‘Spider Monkey’ scene!

    • yes u r so rite that would have been my choice that is so romantic i luv that part of the movie the best

    • You are right, exactly… Whena man finally decides to reveal his vulnerability and his secrets to his beloved it means he’s really in love…But it was not so much about romantic as about Love itself, )))

  3. its a tie between giving Bella his mother’s ring and writing a song for her … those tow things would make any girl feel special

  4. smitten_by_twilight says

    I voted for Isle Esme as IMHO that was the gesture that was completely about Bella, and her needs and wants. It wasn’t about what he wanted, or about manipulating her (and the proposal was partly about that), and it was for her in a way that her song was not, since he wrote that for himself, really. Instead he accepted her desire that scared the !@#$ out of him, and worked to find the ways that would make it most possible.

    • that was why i picked Isle Esme too – it was complete giving of himself because he would have chosen to wait, he was letter her make the decision which is the real romantic gesture

  5. CullenCoven says

    I love all of them!

  6. Why couldn’t you have an “All of the Above” Lexicon? Not fair. But if I had to choose, I have to agree, the song…well, is just totally romantic.

  7. The jumping out of window was not in the book, but in the movie. In the book, he just pounced on her and then Alice/Jasper came in with weather report. I liked the giving Bella his mother’s ring. Ties the past to present to future. After reading the comments I would go with the honeymoon with her still human – really him finally thinking of Bella first.

    • Thank you, yes out the window was not in the book. I agree with you on the song was amazing, but now that I think about it, giving Bella the honeymoon she wanted, dispite his fear of hurting her, was the most selfless romantic act he could do.

  8. Lynne Stringer says

    I think that it’s definitely the ring. There’s something about him giving her his mother’s ring, especially since we know that he and his mother were very close. I’m sure it meant a lot to him (and to her) to do that.

  9. I say staying the night with Bella despite the thirst and pain. Because it is a gesture of unconditional love: love someone despite the obstacles and difficulties you may have to face.

  10. Edward’s most romantic gesture was in the tent scene, when he told Jacob if Bella changed her mind he would let her go.

  11. AnnaPoland says

    I think all of the above:)I love all this books and Edward is most romantic and handsome men ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. My favorite romantic gesture of Edward is writing song for bella. The song so meaningful and romantic. OMG! i think every woman want to be like Bella too. 🙂

  13. Though I agree that there should be an “All of the above” to vote on, Edward’s writing the song, for me, is most romantic. He has just become aware of his love for Bella, he hasn’t played the piano in some time (according to both Twilight and Midnight Sun), and the awakening of his heart for Bella culminates in a song…so much so that he hears it while waiting in his car just to see her again….and the romance begins…
    Just loved the way this was brough out in the books…and love the romance, so much!

  14. dentre os citados a composição da música é minha favorita,mais existe um momento em que Edward dá sua maior prova de amor que é na noite anterior a luta com os recem-criados ,ele fala que abriria mão de Bella se assim ela quisesse,e que aceitaria sua decisão por amor a ela pois o que importa é sua felicidade…não há nada mais romântico que um amor livre de egoísmo!!!!

  15. Samantha says

    Writing a song for bella. Its something right from the heart. No two ppl could ever give the same thing when its from the heart

  16. fitriah yusuf says

    Giving Bella his mother’s ring,is Edward’s most romantic gesture……oh,i wish i was Bella….I love U Edward….

  17. why do I have to choose just one?? he did many romantic things for her, but I loved the way he apologized when they came back from Italy.

    that’s my favorite part of New Moon the book, when Edward is apologizing to Bella for when he left. it’s so deeply heartfelt that I missed that scene so much in the movie.

  18. Brannigan says

    I think it was so precious when Edward gave his mother’s wedding ring to Bella! That is something that I have always dreamed about. <3

  19. even though he had such a hard time being around her because of her smell he stayed by her side when she slept not only because he loved seeing her sleep but he loved her soo much he would have never hurt her thats soo romantic

    • Twilight Nymph says

      I definitely agree. Enduring pain and torture for the one you love, how more romantic can you get than that.

  20. I agree with the song that is so so romantic

  21. I agree with the song that is sooo romantic

  22. Callie donmoyer says

    I love all of them!!!!!!!! I dont know which to choose!!!! <3

  23. vampbball says

    I picked wedding ring. I think Edward’s mother was special to him and part of the reason he chose the vampire life that he did. Giving Bella his mother’s ring shows how much he loves and respects her, putting her on par with the most important woman in his life. (I love Edward so much!)

  24. I really can’t give a specific moment. What I loved was how throughout all the series, Edward tried so hard to do what was right….and that causes trust. And, to me, THAT is what relationships need the most. Love is being able to trust someone, to count on them. Every gesture, and word Edward says seems to be out of concern for Bella. One VERY COOL guy!!

  25. The most romantic thing to me in the first book was when he took her to school the first time letting everyone and her know and see that she was his girl.

  26. It might be just me, but I really liked when he wrote her the “Look after my heart, I left it with you” note when he had to leave her to hunt. I would love to have my man write a note like that. To me it proves that he was torn between staying with her or feeding.

    • yeah totally! that is definetly my favourite edward quote! it’s just so romantic and tender and sweet that it makes me swoon

  27. edward staying the night no matter the pain it caused him is so romantic!

  28. Man I love all of them, but I gotta go with writing the song for her. Very special…but everything he did was special!

  29. Jordan/JJFoxiTwiHardMrsCullen97 says

    I chose Edward giving his Mother’s ring to Bella because she must mean just as much to him as his Mother did!!!! She must be very special to him!!! xx

  30. I think that writing the song for her was so romantic, but for me when he opened her door for her and always treated her like a lady. That to me is what makes Edward the bomb. He is always thinking of Bella’s comfort first. I was talking with another hard-twi-mom at the midnight opening of twilight the movie. she wished her husband would treat her like Edward treated Bella. Happy Birthday, Edward. I love the books. Thank you Stephenie for these wonderful characters.

  31. Jazz Girl says

    There were so many beautiful moments in The Saga. But, I chose him staying with Bella that first night. There is just something beaugtiful and moving about the way he always holds himself above his nature because of his love for his wife.

  32. Brooklyn says

    Staying the night with Bella despite the pain and thirst. Love that because it gives an early clue that if they got married and Bella stayed human that he could control himself. But, I agree with those that ask “Lexicon, why couldn’t you have put an all of the above?”

  33. It’s a tie between staying the first night despite pain and thirst and taking her to Esle Esme.

  34. I chose the proposal scene in the movie because of the way it was phrased…not just “will you marry me (because I love you)?”….but he asked Bella to grant him the “extraordinary honor” of becoming his wife. “Honor”…it’s a pretty deep word where young love is concerned and I love the way Melissa Rosenberg worded this scene. (I loved the gold tones throughout the room.)

  35. The song was really the first thing he did for her. Yes he stayed while it was hard on him but the song came first and I think that it shows his love.


  37. The most romantic moment for me is Edward giving Bella his mothers ring. That would mean the most to me. All the other stuff is romantic as well, but Edward giving Bella his mothers ring is number one. Knowing how close Edward was to his mother just takes the cake. A man wouldnt give just any female his mothers ring..she would have to mean the world to him (and we all know how much Bella means to Edward ;-})

  38. The most romantic gesture for me is in Midnight Sun, but unfortunately we don’t know it in Twilight. It’s when he kept the lid of her lemonade bottle as a souvenir, when they first sit at the same table for lunch. It’s just before he began to write the lullaby.

    I really love it!

  39. Brandi P. says

    Overcoming the pain and thirst to spend the night with her and actually going against his most basic instincts and nature, definately very romantic. This demonstrates his strong love for her in the most undeniable way!

  40. for me, the most romantic gesture is sharing his first kiss with bella , i just think nothing can top that its sooooo romantic since he has lived much more time than bella, having all the chances with other girls and however he didn’t kiss anyone before bella! he kind of saved it all for her, there’s nothing more romanic than that!

  41. how about holding her all night while she cried over Jacob? What man would do that I ask you?? And I always loved him leaving her the note “be safe” very simple but oh so sweet.

    • You’re right, this night while she cried as she told her a few hours ago that she would never let her cry for Jacob in from of him! I forgot it! So noble of him… Real men don’t do this kind of stuffs, right?

  42. Michelle B says

    I said giving her his mothers ring because like most vampires Edwards memory’s of his human life are fuzzy but he does remember his mother and how much they loved each other. Stephanie said in one of her Personal Correspondence’s that Edward pretended to survive his illness and claimed his parents estate in order to get his mothers things , so obviously she was and still is very important to him . Notice that he only mentions to Bella having given Esme and Alice any of his mothers jewelry …not Rose or any other women he is close to. His mothers engagement ring would most likely be the most important to him and the fact that he gave it to Bella say’s volumes about how much she means to him and how much he loves her.

  43. I chose staying with Bella despite pain and thirst. I chose this because I think it embodies the thing that makes Edward who he is and how much he loves Bella. Consistantly through out the books Edward turns against his own desires and nature as a vampire. No matter how painful it is for him, he will do anything for her. That is romantic. 🙂

  44. What about the Meadow scene in the first book? That, to me, is really the most romantic part. It’s when Edward first exposes himself for who he really is. And it’s where he first tells Bella he loves her, and he listens to her heart. It’s when their relationship first manifests into something truly real and lasting.

  45. Lynn Aquin says

    There are so many; Edward is a true romantic probably because he was changed and frozen with 1918 values. I love the meadow scene in the book; the restaurant scene in the movie, he was so torn with so many conflicting emotions; all that long weekend while Bella was figuring out he was a vampire and he came back early from hunting to watch her since it was sunny out and ended up saving her in Port Angeles (book); and my favourite, in New Moon (the book) when he found out in Italy that Bella was still alive and he was unable to keep from touching her in the dark tunnels on the way to see Aro. It gave her such hope that things would be alright between them.

  46. jennifer says

    I picked the “apologizing & proposing” option after giving it some thought. And it was purely because of this quote right here: “Before you, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars — points of light and reason. And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty. When you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black. Nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by the light. I couldn’t see the stars anymore. And there was no more reason for anything.”
    UGH! UGH! UGH! I LOVE that part! It makes me cry every time I read it.

  47. Forgiving her for kissing Jacob..

  48. giving his mother’s ring to bella was the most romantic gesture>>>>>

  49. I voted for his first kiss. First kisses are THE BEST and often irresistable and he waited 110 years for her!

    The song comes in at a pretty close second.

    The honeymoon was just plain awsome, but considering how rich his family is I can’t see it as especially romantic, more to be expected.

    Staying the night thirsty and in pain? Stupid and dangerouse for his supposed love.

    And the apology and proposal? NOT romantic. Actually seems a bit manipulative to me.


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