Kellan Lutz Teams With Danny Guez For Abbot+Main Clothing Line

According to New York Magazine, Kellan Lutz leaped at the opportunity to help design and be the face for a line of clothin. He partnered with Danny Guez who has worked with celebrities such as Justin Timberlake on similar projects.

“Guez…worked closely with Lutz even when he was on location for Twilight in Vancouver. “I’d be designing in my trailer — I love drawing — and he’d create the samples back in L.A., send them up to me, and I’d try them on over Skype,” said Lutz. Skype? “I mean, it looked kind of sexual, but at the end of the day, we were trying to make a good product that I’m proud of.” Named for an intersection in Venice, California, where Lutz lives, the line is a combination of knit tops, henleys, hoodies, and cardigans. “I feel like John Varvatos has the Malibu-area vibe, so I wanted to create something that could capture that Venice feel,” he said.”

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