City TV: 8 Ways Canada Is Taking Over Hollywood

City TV has complied a list of evidence of how Hollywood has moved north. Twilight came in at number7.

“7. Even if “Twilight” fans/Robert Pattinson gawkers have figured out the “Twilight” series is shot in Vancouver, the natives of the city can really see Stanley Park standing in for the forests where Bella and her vampire friends hang and spot the city scenes featuring the yuppie area colloquially known to Vangroovey’s as “Kits”.”

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  1. Gigi Cullen says:

    It may be a good place to film movies but not so much after the Stanley Cup nonsense. Come on Vancouver, get it together. I love hockey just as much as the next Canadian but I wouldn’t rip my own city apart just because we lost.

    • Right on Gigi! Heck, I live in Detroit and we NEVER destroyed our city regardless whether the Red Wings won or lost the Cup. People totally expected us to every time, but it never happened. Well, not since 1984 when the Tigers won the World Series, but that was a long time ago. Ashamed of Vancouver. They had a beautiful city and they trashed it.

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