Carlisle Cullen Ranks Number 10 on Best Movie Dads List

PeterscarfNext movie has come up with a list of the top 13 movie dads.  Carlisle Cullen landed in the number 10 spot.

“We wouldn’t want Dracula as a dad, but Carlisle Cullen? Yes, please. His enhanced ability is compassion, for heaven’s sake, and he has a penchant for adopting lost and lonely souls. Anyone you love, he’ll love. (He may even offer to transform them.) His capacity for kindness means he won’t spend the centuries lecturing you, reminding you of that one time you scratched his car. He’ll probably just give you a big hug, and remind you that time washes everything away, and the material is immaterial. Oh, and he’s loaded (Forbes estimates his fortune to be $34.5 billion). If you have to pick a dad to spend centuries with, Carlisle is the one to choose.”

See the whole list on Next Movie.


  1. CullenCoven says:

    Thats cool. I love Carlisle.

  2. Lynne Stringer says:

    Yeah, although my dad is great, if I had to pick another father I wouldn’t mind Carlisle!

  3. Twilight Nymph says:

    I agree. I definitely wouldn’t mind having Carlisle as a father. He’s one great and awesome dad. Too bad he’s fictional.

  4. I wouldn’t mind being adopted by him. He’s amazing.

  5. Carlisle is one cool dad. He’s the Ward Cleaver(Leave it to Beaver) of the Vampire world.LOL! If you didn’t know he was a vampire,he’s just like any other loving dad. He’s one of my favorite characters,because he’s wise and his compassion for his family is so strong. Definitely one of the great all-time fictional dads.

  6. Dilf

  7. Should have been number one. My logic is he has way more than the human father has to deal with. Way more, yet he shines. Go daddy Cullen


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