Red Riding Hood DVD Giveaway

The Red Riding Hood film directed by Catherine Hardwicke and costarring Billy Burke is coming to DVD TODAY! They just launched a cool, interactive website (click above). Check it out and pick your favorite in the love triangle.

Also, we are fortunate enough to be able to give away a DVD to one Lexicon reader (sorry limited to US residents only). Just tell us in the comments what you love most about Catherine Hardwicke and/or Billy Burke and we’ll pick a random winner on Thursday at 11:59pm est.


  1. I really love Catherine’s enthusiasm and how much she loves what she’s doing. It really shows in her work and her interaction with her actors.

  2. Catherine’s enthusiasm!

  3. I love Catherine Hardwick’s ability to take a book or a story and make it her own. I Loved Red Riding Hood, everything was on point! Billy Burke is just such a versatile actor. In both Twilight and Red Riding Hood he plays a father, but he’s so different in both. He’s just an awesome actor ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I love Catherine because she becomes completely consumed in the story and characters. She can envision the story and scenarios and loves to help other people see her vision. Her enthusiam is catching and hard to resist.

  5. I love the feel of Twilight. Catherine set such a mood to the film with her stunning visual scenery and I loved it. While I haven’t seen Red Riding Hood yet, the advertisements of that film seem to also have a mood to them. Can’t wait to see it.

  6. Billy Burke is just too awesome! His slightest expressions just make the scene better. I can watch him all day.

  7. Catherine is such a great romance director and she brings that to the Red Riding Hood movie. Of all the Twilight films, I love the one she directed the most because she really focused on the love of Bella and Edward. It was the same with this movie. I always picture Billy Burke as Charlie Swann so it’s strange to see him as a villain.

  8. Joan Bryant says:

    I love how Billy Burke has great acting range. He played a father in both movies and did a great job portraying the two vastly different characters. I also love Hardwicke’s gothic style directing.

  9. AliceKikiCullen says:

    I love Billy Burke for he is a good actor with great personality and facial expressions. Like Catherine said for the Twilight movie, Billy knows how to steal a scene! I just love Billy, he is a funny actor who can go from silly to kick-butt in a few seconds flat! ๐Ÿ˜€ I love Twilight and I love this movie!!!

  10. Catherine’s Filming style is very unique and gives all of her films an edge …

    Billy Burke is an extremely talented Actor that excels in “legal” roles … He is very good at his job but all of my favorite roles of his involve legal: FBI Agent in Untraceable, Sheriff in Twilight Sagas, Ceisure in Red Riding Hood, Drive Angry … All really intense yet laid back roles and he takes them in stride

  11. I L-O-V-E Billy Burke! In Twilight he definitely steals every scene with his humor ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Caitlin Blaylock says:

    I love Catherine because she is a great female director. I love Billy because he is an actor and also a good musician. <3

  13. I love Billy Burke’s nonchalant attitude about everything. He’s so easy-going, I love that! I love that Catherine Hardwicke is so excited and ecstatic about her work. I want to be a film director one day and she inspires me!

  14. I love this director she is amazing, and it shows it all her movies. She is so passionate, I usually do characters in my blog on character vs actor in real life. Yet, Catherine is so dynamic that I could not resist. My readers were surprised due to the fact that Twilight is a Saga but I chose another character as well and am now writing two. I found a great tool for my writing. I recently got a Sling Adapter from Dish Network for free thru a mail in rebate as it gives me the ability to bring movies with me that are in my programming package and gives me access to which is filled with tons of entertainment. Now yes there are tons of movies but thousands of TV episodes as well as scheduling of DVR events remotely if need be. My work for Dish Network requires a bit of travel which takes me away from my blog which focuses on the lead character in a movie and the actor during that point in his life and ties the two together. Having the Sling Adapter gives me access to all the movie packages I have in my service which I can watch while I travel. When I get home then I write.

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