100 Miles From Graceland: Nikki Reed Updates Her Website

Nikki Reed updated her website with a bit about a trip to a recent music festival. This part was particularly poingnat.

“It was more romantic than I imagined it would be in such dusty, humid conditions. We laid on our backs in the grass while Mavis Staples “took us to church”, and I pretended I was my mom, in 1976 at the Topanga music festival she always told me about. I even stuck a couple of feathers in my hair. We raced over to see The Head and the Heart, a band that I had been listening to on repeat for the last couple of weeks. Their last song made me cry. Something about that kind of passion, I so rarely see, gave me goose bumps, and he pointed them out. I felt like we were the only two people in the world amongst the 90,000 others. What a different kind of place this was. A place where people go to feel the music, and are too consumed by that to even notice any film actors or TV show singers. How refreshing it felt to see him appreciated for the artist he is, as people approached only to tell him they loved his band, having no idea he was ever on a TV show. It made me smile. I’d like to stay in that world; a world where iPhones and flip cams don’t exist, a world where people live only to dance to whatever beat they hear.”

See her entire entry on IamNikkiReed.com


  1. Wow, was she in Nashville, had to be a southern festival, anyone know? Thats always how I feel in the south…my daughter lives in Nashville, and it reminded me how she runs into celebrities in the Git N Go or grocery stores, and no paparazzi in sight lol. Or they will just chat with you in line at Starbucks…Nikki sounds in love, or its the southern magic working on her. lol

    • This was at Bonnaroo in Manchester Tennessee. It is held every year in June. I have family that live close to the area in fact my son works in Manchester.You can find videos on utube about Bonnaroo.

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