Conan O’Brien Mentions Twilight During Dartmouth Commencement

Part of Conan’s speech is about “Life isn’t fair”. His Twilight mention sets up at around the 2:00 mark.


  1. Ivy Guadalupe says:

    Best speech ever…Conan you rock!

  2. see! that’s why I LOVE Coco!!!! ….and I’m a philosophy major…$%^&^!

  3. The best line is when he says that the weird tree stump podium looks like something a bear would use at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

  4. With all the wrap going on with this Saga unfolding into the finale it’s no surprise Conan would mention it! It’s a movie that has been expected for a long time. My favorite part of all this is the press, I’ve read the books and I loved every one and I’ll see the movies when they come out on HBO through my Dish service. That’s why I got a free Sling Adapter with a mail in rebate, so I can travel watch all the press and not miss out on the movies. It’s a dramatic event for so many people it’s fascinating to watch, and my blog goes a little more into that but more into the development of characters between books and film. I’m looking forward to seeing the final product but I wish they had brought back the first two directors and made this a collective project to end it right. What a movie that would have made.


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