Catherine Hardwicke: Twilight Was Romance Not Fantasy

Catherine Hardwicke talked to Seventeen Magazine about the differences between Twilight and Red riding Hood:

“CG: What draws you to these dark, fantasy movies, like Twilight and Red Riding Hood?

CH: When I read the Twilight book, I didn’t see it as fantasy. I saw it as a love story. I really wanted to create that feeling of being madly in love with someone. With Red Riding Hood, there was whole different feel. Although there is that sense of falling in love, it’s different than Bella and Edward’s relationship. Valerie gets suspicions of the person she loves, which is a very real theme. Sometimes you’re looking at someone you love your whole love and think, “Could they have a secret?” Maybe you don’t think your boyfriend is a murder, but you’re wondering if he’s cheating behind your back!

CG: You were originally interested in casting Shiloh Fernandez as the role of Edward in Twilight. What made you go back to him for Red Riding Hood?

CH: I liked him when he did the auditions for Twilight, but Rob and Kristen had more chemistry, which is something you just can’t fake. I’ve always believed my leading lady should have a say in who plays opposite her. I wanted Amanda [Seyfried] to be very involved with the person she was supposed to be in love with on screen. We had a bunch of guys come in to read with Amanda, but her and Shiloh just hit it off best!”

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  1. BloodSucking Leech says

    Curious as to the authenticity of this interview–I can’t believe C.Hardwicke would use so many grammatical errors in her speaking.


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