Breaking dawn Leaps to Number 1 in Hit Fix Power Rankings

According to Hit Fix:

“Twilight” fans have had to wait almost a year for their Bella, Edward and Jacob fix. “Eclipse” has come and gone and the final installment, “Breaking Dawn,” won’t hit theaters until November. On Sunday night, however, the MTV Tween Awards, er, MTV Movie Awards brought millions of fans their first taste of the final chapter, er, second to last chapter in Stephenie Meyer’s saga by debuting the teaser trailer for “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Pt. 1.”*

*Actually, the trailer leaked all over the web on Sunday afternoon breaking MTV’s exclusive because of a little mix up. Whoopsie.

The reaction from fans has been uniformly positive and Summit is likely breathing easy as the novel that was once termed “un-adaptable” may turn out to be one of the better movies in the franchise. Who knew?”

Check out the overall rankings here


  1. smitten_by_twilight says:

    It was a great trailer and I’m enthusiastic for November … But I still want a director’s cut DVD. It sounds like they’ve further toned down the pregnancy and birth.

    • Perhaps we will get a director’s or extended cut of Breaking Dawn and we will get to see what was cut from the theatrical release. I have to disagree with the un-adaptable line about the novel,because speaking as a future screenwriter,the most “challenging” novels are the ones we like to tackle. Lord of the Rings was considered unadaptable,because of the length of the book. The structure of Breaking Dawn is told in three parts and you have to condense down what is the most relevant parts of the novel for the screen. I think splitting the film in half was a good way to see as much of the 754 page novel as we can. There was no way they’d be able to do the story any justice,by trying to fit everything into one film. Can’t wait to see the film in November. I know it’s going to be awesome!

  2. go jacob!!!

  3. Seriously, was there ever a doubt? Seriously? lol


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