Our Favorite Fan Reaction Videos

Here are some of our favorite fan reaction videos to the teaser:

First two BFFs watch together

Next up our friends over at Edward’s Meadow

Our fans from Down Under Weigh in

And last but not least our favorite TwiGuy Kaleb Nation


  1. Kaleb, the wedding was at 5pm and under trees and yes likely a canopy of some time would be used so no risk of sparkly vampires. One thing that struck me watching the reactions and hearing the music without the video…tension and suspense…just how are the Volturi going to react?…throwing someone against a wall, what next? seems to be teasing us for the part 2 with Volturi confronation along with part 1.

  2. Krystol says:

    Can I just say that I really love Kaleb? I watched his reaction video probably just as much as I watched the trailer, mostly because Kaleb cracks me up.

  3. Gina F. says:

    Kaleb — I LOVE YOUR ENTHUSIASM, Dude!!! Keep up the GREAT work!! Sending SMILES from Chicago…

  4. In hindsight, I realize should totally have recorded my own reaction. i was crazy, squeeling and hitting my friend and kicking the floor… God, that would be so much fun to watch when I’m 40 x)
    Oh well, one trailer to go! Though I doubt it wll be as exiting :p

  5. rhiannon says:

    after watching the trailer for the 500th time, i noticed during that shot or bella at the altar looking at edward, he is saying his vows.

  6. LMAO! The BFF with the glasses is hysterical to watch.

  7. angel23 says:

    Its nice to know i am not the only one who does twilight happy claps lol

  8. oh my gosh!!!!! that was sooooo funny!!! i LOVED the bff’s! hahahaaa, i love this site and i love the trailer!!

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