MTV 2011 Movie Awards Red Carpet Live Stream

Here is where you can find the footage when it starts at 8:00 eastern tonight. Don’t forget that we want your trailer reaction videos! Full details on how to submit them here.

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  1. Any links for those outside the USA?

  2. Best Movie is STILL OPEN to vote…

  3. Hey, the trailer is already up on the BD movie site.
    And let me tell you – reaction is “Why isn’t it November already?”

  4. Can Twilight beat Harry Potter?
    POLL: What movie will win the MTV Movie Awards for BEST MOVIE?

  5. Can anyone tell me please if MTV’s site is going live with the show? thanks

  6. hollywoodviolet says

    in the uk 🙁 any links for mtv live stream here?

  7. =D they just showed the trailer here in Aus on morning show television…

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