Breaking Dawn Teaser Trailer Revealed


Check out the Breaking Dawn Trailer and don’t forge to send us your reactions!!


  1. twilightdreamer says:

    Omg!!!!! Better than I could have imagined!!!!!! Our first glimpse at the pregnancy!!! So amazing!!!! And the honeymoon glimpse (fangirl swoon)

    • So if bella has Edward’s baby, how would it happen? Considering vampires have no pulse, and thus no blood flow to achieve an erection…it is impossible for them even to have sex, nevermind conceive??

      • It’s called make-believe it’s not suppoe to be real your thinking to much into it just enjoy the damn movie

  2. Absolutely can’t wait to see it! It’s going to be awesome! The beginning to the perfect end! 😀

  3. RockinRobbin says:

    AWESOME! Could not have asked for more. November is going to seem so far away, just can’t wait!

  4. switzy4ever14 says:

    I was literally hlding back tears and screams. My family thinks I’m crazy. Best trailer in the franchise yet, no contest. I can’t wait for the movie.

  5. THAT.WAS.THE.BEST.TRAILER.SO.FAR. And Oh My, Edward what broad shoulders you have …all the better to break the headboard with…

    • lol!

    • PamelaC says:

      Oh my gosh, I know! He looked pretty good like that don’t you say?! Can’t wait to see much more of that scene (yummy)!

      I loved Jacob in his running scene too – looking good there Jakey-Boy!

      I wasn’t expecting any pregnancy scene so oh yes, super excited!

      This was the best trailer by far in my opinion. Loved, loved, loved it!

      November, hurry! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE BREAKING DAWN ON THE BIG SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh my gosh!!!!! That sent my heart aflutter! Best trailer in the series by far! Can’t wait for this movie!

    But who was the guy Edward threw against the wall?

    • Crystal says:

      It had to have been Jacob. It looks like it could be him, and I am guessing that this is their first confrontation after Edward and Bella get back from the honeymoon.

      • Definitely Jacob. I was thinking it’s the part when Edward is fighting to save Bella’s life & Jacob wants to give up he says she’s dead & Edward I think in the book just hits his hand or something & tells him to get out or leave.

      • Or it could have been the confrontation they had at the reception, where Bella let slip that they’d be husband and wife in the true sense of the word.

      • It is either during or after the birth. There is blood on Edwards face and shirt!

  7. OMG!!!! so exciting! But I am disapointed at bella’s wedding maskeup 🙁 is it me or her eyes look blah?? I know in the book she looked terrible before alice did her makeup and I figured they would have really dolled her up for the movie. Oh well. maybe it was just that one shot.

  8. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I can’t even type let alone speak. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  9. I love it ! I wanted more but that was a good teaser. Can’t wait for more. And people please don’t complain it’s a teaser.

  10. Okay, so not to sound ungrateful or anything but I was a little bummed. I was hoping to see a 2 min clip of one scene/conversation like the scene they did in eclipse when Bella was asking Edward why he doesn’t want her to become like him…

    Glad we were able to see something though. Maybe it’s my sadness that the series will be over soon and I’m taking it out on the trailer. lol

    November can’t get here soon enough!!!!

  11. MeyaRose says:


  12. I think that was Jacob that Edward through against the wall when they were trying to save Bella.

  13. Twi-Hards we did good. Our cast swept MTV awards, yeah!

  14. Wow, the cast racked up tonight! That trailer was absolutely great. I have one word…Headboard!! Whoa… :O

  15. ShannonM says:

    Holy cow, Bill Condon is a genius!! I can’t wait, and beefed up Rob just isn’t fair! Those honeymoon scenes are hot!!

  16. Sarah Crawford says:

    WOW, November seems like eternity from now ! It was beautiful and completely gave me chills !! They showed just the right amount to keep us going until November, without revealing too much – all around amazing 🙂

    • Sarah Crawford says:

      Also, I know there are technical things like how Edward really breaks the whole bed basically and how in one shot Bella had a simple band on instead of the diamond engagement rings. Maybe just showing the headboard break was a little taste of all the destruction to come. The diamond ring is an engagement ring….the band is probably her wedding ring I would assume.

  17. I have to say, I was really looking forward to this trailer, but I just didn’t enjoy it. I’m not disrespecting anyone who loved it. I just thought I would share my opinion to see if anyone else thought the same things I did. Here goes:

    – I thought Bella’s mom walking up the sidewalk shaking the invite was weird.

    – The bed being broken made me wince and then giggle because it’s out of context. (We don’t see much of the romantic lovemaking first, we just see Edward losing control violently.)

    – Edward wouldn’t throw Jacob unless he MEANT to kill him.

    – And I hope every time the baby kicks, the soundtrack doesn’t make that awful clunking sound.

    I intend to see the movie. My feeling is: I hope, in context, everything will be a lot smoother and make me love Bella and Edward as much as I have in all the books and all the rest of the movies.

    • It’s a teaser trailer. I’ve seen plenty of trailers that were bad and weren’t put together very well so I wouldn’t judge the film just based on this. I’m underwhelmed by it but I’m ok with that.

    • Melody, Renee is a little on the weird side. It was strange to see Charlie getting the invite too. Wonder if they kept all the parent’s names off because of Renee and Charlie being divorced. The things in a trailer do not appear in the same order as they will in the movie. It was really neat starting off with the walk to Aro with wedding announcement. Confused about the two people being thrown against walls. All in all a good teaser.

    • Although it was a teaser, I was kinda like meh…

      I felt a little sad when I saw Edward throw Jake up against the wall.

      You can tell the filming/tone has come along way since the 1st movie. I liked all the films but can definately tell it is a blockbuster film now. =)

      • Well meh is better then blah. And yes didn’t Bella and Edward tell Charlie they were getting married ? I love that part. Hmmmm ?

        • PamelaC says:

          Although you could surmise that Charlie had just found out about the wedding, I doubt that’s what is going on in that scene. He’s probably just holding the wedding invitation, reading it over & over again, trying to take it all in. Also, Eclipse ends w/Bella & Edward taking that fateful journey to Charlie’s house to tell him the “good” news. Can’t wait to see that scene!

    • Melody, even though I did enjoy the trailer I have to agree about the point you made about Edward throwing Jacob against the wall. I thought that was crazy when I saw it. If Edward threw Jake for real it would seriously hurt him…I wonder if Edward is dreaming,or we see what he wishes he could do (?)

      I will say that I’ve always found Renee to be wierd anyway, so that seemed pretty in character to me. 🙂

      • CullenCoven says:

        Remember in the book when Bella is talking with Renee, and Renee is like: “why didn’t you tell us sooner?” And bella is all confused and she explains that she thought that they were engaged when they came down in Eclipse. And Dimitri throwing the woman… stephenie always implied that Gianna ended up as a snack.

    • Melissa says:

      If you watch the clip again, you can see a man coming into the frame of Bella’s mom shaking the invitation. I took it as she was saying “look what I’ve got!!”

  18. This rules!!! Better than I hoped for! I’m totally psyched for November.

  19. Loved the Trailer!

    Also if anyone watched the live stream directly from MTV’s website, did you notice all the behind the scene cameras they had set up? Right after Eclipse got the award for best movie the whole cast went back stage to pose for photos. Then we saw Rob/Kristen hold hands and hug each other (They are sweet together!), but I don’t think they knew they were still live on the camera.
    Anyway I love them All! And I can’t wait to see the movie!

  20. sweet_n_juicy says:

    OMG the honeymoon!!!!!!! 5 months…5 months…5 MONTHS!!!!!!!

  21. What are you three ladies thinking in the interview comments about the trailer? Don’t you want anything to be left for the movie? No weddidng dress until the movie please. No feathers on bed beyond the still already released until movie. I want most of the film to be seen for the first time at the movie, not bits/pieces with multiple trailers.

    • I completely agree! I don’t want to see bits and pieces for 5 mnths until I see the movie. I want this one to be a surprise even tho I know.what’s gonna happen. That’s why I was hoping for a short clip scene.

  22. OMG I truely love this trailer. I don’t know how to survive until November.

  23. Hey guys! I just uploaded the full trailer in HD (720p) to YouTube. Check it out:

  24. Did anyone notice Olga Fonda get thrown across the room by Demetri? I don’t think she’s Renata. I’m guessing another receptionist. She looks human and Renata would have used her shield to protect her and I don’t think Aro would have allowed anyone to harm her.

  25. How do you Post a Reaction Video … here is the link to it on my facebook … hope you can see it …!/video/video.php?v=1842332534895&comments

    • thought it was amazing … What you didnt see was the freaking off camera .. .i keep going for a while and i am still stun!! HE BROKE THE ENTIRE BED !! and he looks so Beefy and … and … we got Volturi, Jacob, Wedding, Rio, Isle Esme, and Nessie in tummy action!! breathe! did i mention HE BROKE THE BED !!??!!

  26. Loved the way they built up the excitment.
    I hope that they don’t get away too much in the other trailers, to make us feel as though we’ve already watched the movie before it comes out.

  27. Ok, I’m thinking this is going to be amazing!! What I didn’t like about the trailer was how the Volturi kept showing up. They’re not involved until the 2nd half, so I felt like that was wasted trailer time that could have shown us some of the Cullen’s (namely Emmett) 🙂

  28. So good!!!!
    Question: Would Alice really address the wedding invitation to the Volturi as “Resident”?

  29. GOOSEBUMPS!!!!!

  30. Personally I loved it. As a teaser trailer, it showed what it needed to in order to get a glimpse into what the movie was about. Keep in mind that WE all know what happens, but there are still people who haven’t read the books and they just want to show snapshots of what it will entail.

    Charlie staring at the invite because he wasn’t too fond of their relationship. He feels like he’s losing his daughter.
    Renee shaking the invite because she’s excited about it.
    The Volturi acknowledging the wedding.
    Jacob upset over the wedding.
    Then the suspense and drama of everything else. And HEADBOARD! Wow!

  31. I’m totally ready to see the movie now.. Any inventors out there who can make a machine to speed up time, that would work for me.

    Someone commented on the Volturi, Alice did send them an invite and I think that’s likely just a glimpse we get to see and maybe Aro picking out that necklace he sends to Bella, just my guess on that part and yeah they didn’t waste much time on play with the whole Edward Headboard scene, Very excited indeed.

  32. Anonymous :) says:

    i woke up my mom thanks to my over the top shrieks of excitement at this trailer. it was just, wow!!!!

  33. Anonymous :) says:

    is that stephenie meyer on the left second row from the back in the pink in the scene where they all get up as bella starts walking down the aisle?

    • Yes it is. Along with Wyck Godfrey (Producer on all the films) and Melissa Rosenberg (screenwriter.)

  34. Twilight Nymph says:

    I loved the trailer. Definitely loved the headboard breaking. As well as the glimpse at the pregnancy. Yet, I was totally disappointed with Bella’s make-up. She looked the same to me.

  35. FionaCullen says:


  36. It’s available on the Twilight Official Youtube page now.

  37. I feel sick… The trailer is so good and such a long long wait!!!

  38. I loved it, and as they usually do at least another trailer before they release, there’s still more to look forward to!! 🙂 so sad its all coming to an end.

  39. love robsten says:

    OMG. Edward and Bella!!so sweet.Love the trailer very much. Good that they didnt reveal the wedding dress fully. I wanted to see Bella’s face from front after seeing tiara in sneak peek. I must say I liked her look. It shows the innocent bella . She is never like over the top kind of person. So Alice would definitely enhance Blla’s qualities. Even though Edward throws Jacob He is never gonna be hurt .Of course Edward would not kill him as it hurts Bella. Edward’s stunned reaction is kind of weird. It is just expressionless.

  40. I think that scene where Edward throws Jacob is after the birth. If you look closely, it appears that Edward has blood on his face and all over his shirt.

  41. jolinea says:

    OH my that was fab.. just wow. but i have to say, the part with the throwing if you look really close edward has blood on his face then turns and throws… it has to be after biting (the baby with the daft name i cant spell) out, and they’ve added angryward into it… must be jake or maybe jasper gets a wiff?? OH man not makin much sense too excited cant wait for november …. eeeeeeeeeeeeeep

  42. I LOVED this trailer!
    although I am not a fan of the fourth installment of the series, I have to say that this trailer is one of the best!!!
    i love the part where jacob runs with invitation in his hand, i love the part whit the bed scene (edwards muscles kinda remind me of a michelangelo paintin there?) i love everything!!! and cutting it off with edwards surprised and shocked face is just AWESOMEEE.
    the scnee hwere edward kises her shoulder in the bed!!

  43. In ways I totally loved it. I found it visually stunning. In other ways, I found it too wedding heavy. My blog response is here:

  44. twilight babe says:

    Whoa!!That headboard was some crazy *bleep*! I want me some of that vampire booty

  45. Lynne Stringer says:

    It’s nice to see what some of the people I see at these sites actually look like! 🙂

  46. As teasers go, it certainly does fan service. It just gives enough stuff, so that fans will have something to talk about. Was I impressed with it? In truth, it didn’t have the same impact that the New Moon trailer did, but then again, we were also transitioning from a very low budgeted Indie styled version, to a more thematic movie from the original Twilight to New Moon. The shock of a full CGI wolf, even if it wasn’t on par with what would later come, surprised even me.

    Was it a good teaser all in all? For a Twilight film… yes, but it didn’t give me any goosebumps, unlike the last Harry Potter movie teasers did. It’s fine, but nothing overtly special.

    • At this point it should serve the fans. Tired of these having to serve others when they don’t give a damn. And Harry Potter comparisons ? This is a damn love story that’s why I love it more and prefer it stay that way. I don’t care for that epic fighting crap !

  47. alwaysedward says:

    its so funny how people complain that they expected bella to look so different for the wedding – it is obvious she has makeup but alas, she is still bella, but her prettiness enhanced – just like any other normal person who puts makeup on – they still look the same, but just enhanced.

  48. radiowidow says:

    The headboard scene was absolutely the hottest scene of the whole trailer. My poor husband’s response – “Yeah, and if I did that you’d be mad at me for breaking the bed.” LOL. He’s a great guy and very patient with my love of all Twilight. Is even taking me to BD1 for our anniversary this November.

    • Melissa says:

      Your comment made me laugh because my husband said something similar! He is patient with me and comes with me to the midnight openings. Good guys we have! 🙂

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