See the Breaking Dawn Wedding Invitation!!

Want a closer look at the wedding invitation Josh Horowitz showed to Jackson and Nikki? Check out the picture below.

Also check out for all the other photos and videos of the invitation!

EDIT:  Check out the video featuring our very own LAURA talking about the invitation!!!


  1. Love it!!

  2. soooooo gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to actually see the wedding xD

  3. What I like most is the simplicity of it. Also that they used Edwards full name.

  4. Hey, why the year is 2011…it’s supposed to be 2008 according to book…

    • smitten_by_twilight says:

      Cause it’s the movie version. If you want to adhere to exactly how the invitation was in the book, there are other things to object to. But it is a very pretty invitation, it should be readable to the audience (unlike the petal pages described), and Laura’s totally right about the seal, that’s awesome! Also nice to know the Cullen’s address! It’s hard to see whether the edge is colored light lavender (a variant on Bella’s color, I guess) or silver. It’s probably sensible to leave parental names off … since Edward Anthony Masen Sr and Elizabeth Masen are totally unknown to the residents of Forks!

  5. Since they us a preview of the wedding invite…wonder if the trailer will mostly consist of the wedding on mtv awards?

  6. MeyaRose says:

    Umm… not to be a downer, but why would I care about this? I’d much rather see the new teaser…

  7. Loved the Trailer!

    Also if anyone watched the live stream directly from MTV’s website, did you notice all the behind the scene cameras they had set up? Right after Eclipse got the award for best movie the whole cast went back stage to pose for photos. Then we saw Rob/Kristen hold hands and hug each other (They are sweet together!), but I don’t think they knew they were still live on the camera.
    Anyway I love them All!

  8. I hope Summit releases a replica of the wedding invitation for us! I’d pay $20 for that.

  9. I hope for the sake of any unsuspecting residents that 420 Woodcroft Ave is not a real address in Forks

  10. CullenCoven says:

    Why isn’t the movie coming out in August…? That would be cool if they showed the wedding the day it was supposed to be on?

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