MTV Movie Awards Potter vs Twilight Celebrities Weigh In

Harry Potter and Twilight are up against each other in a number of categories from Best Kiss, Best Movie, Favorite Male and Female Performers. Vote for your favorites here!


  1. Lynne Stringer says:

    I’m glad Twilight got more votes!

    You know, I really hate watching MTV clips. You usually have to wait through a 30 second ad to watch a clip of the same length. It’s ridiculous.

  2. eternitys_charm says:

    harry potter is my vote, I grew up with that and it’s a classic.

    • I agree.

    • Brittanylovestwilight says:

      I agree! I voted for HP all the way.

      I REALLY don’t like the comparison between the two franchises. The stories are so different… how can you compare them? Yes, both series were written by women, both are huge favorites among teens. And THAT’S IT. I love both! 😀

  3. Twilight FTW.

    Plus, guys for Twilight. Awesome.

  4. smitten_by_twilight says:

    I just thought that was cute!

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