Mitt Romney Twilight Fan?

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Potential US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was on the Today Show this morning. After the interview covered his political aspirations, the reporter started asking what you could call human interest questions like “Do you have an IPod and what’s on it?” Then the conversation turned to recent books he’s read, and you guessed it, Twilight was mentioned. The commentary starts at the 5:50 mark or so.

*As a personal favor to the Lex staff, can we keep the discussion limited to Romney’s book comments rather than his political theories. We asked the same favor when the president announced his daughters were reading the books.*


  1. twilightgirl68 says:

    OK , so there are some politicians that can be cool… I think that’s awesome ! 🙂

  2. Ida Pinslund says:

    Well, he did like the books, but he said “I like silly books too” and I don’t think he is a fan then, he just likes the books, not love them as true twihards do:)

  3. The follow-up question should of course have been, “Do you also read books by non-Mormon authors?”

  4. smitten_by_twilight says:

    Well, LeeLee, he did read Bush’s book, and I’m pretty sure Bush isn’t Mormon. I can understand a conservative presidential candidate being a little defensive in public about reading Twilight, Ida, because I still am sometimes. (I do get mocked a tiny bit.) I’m glad he felt that he could admit to any casual reading at all!

  5. MariposaAlice says:

    I still don’t get what her being Mormon has to do with ANYYYY of it. Haha. Anyway, that’s pretty awesome! I like when politicians can just be laid-back (though, uh, still thought it was kinda weird that Obama was reading Twilight with his ELEVEN-year-old daughter.. (referring to her age)).

  6. I love the fact that he read it because his granddaughter was reading it.

  7. Well vampires that are in love is kinda of a silly concept lol … But I’m glad he had fun with them because I sure did ! But I love Mitt !

  8. I love this. Can I just love this?

  9. He’s got my vote. He would have had my vote at the last election if the Republican party nominated him.

  10. I can safely say that Mormons are the biggest fan base for Twilight. Hands down!

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