Next Movie Profiles Xavier Samuel and Other Breakout Nominees

Next Movie has the rundown on each of the nominees for Best Breakout Star for the MTV Movie Awards:

“As if there weren’t already enough hotness in the “Twilight” series, in “Eclipse” we got Australian actor Xavier Samuel as Riley Biers, the young man who is attacked and turned by Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard) into a vampire to lead the newborn army against our pals the Cullens. Who IS that guy?! the Twi-Hards asked when the first movie stills showed Riley leading the villainous vampires out of the water, his eyes (among other things) smoldering; and now that they know, poor Xavier’s life will probably never be the same again.”

See more at MTV, and don’t forget to vote for Xavier!


  1. MMMMM…smexy. Love Xavier!

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