Fandom Flashback!

In the various opportunities we’ve had over the years to talk to and meet with fans around the country, we find that most of them became fans because of their interest in the movies.  Many of you saw the movie and then read the books and fell in love with the series on a whole other level. But those of you that came into the fandom after the movies missed out on some of the most unique experiences the fandom had to offer.

We are going to start a series called “Fandom Flashback” where we will be talking about events and experiences that happened in the early days of the fandom. This will allow long time fans a chance to chime in and share photos and experiences. It also gives you newer fans a chance to take a peek at some of the things you might have missed along the way. Since this fandom has been going strong for over five years, we really do want and need your feedback to help us being this series to life.

We plan on featuring experiences like E-Prom, trips to Forks, book release parties, early casting drama, Twilight bands and playlist hype, and many more! If you have a good idea for us to discuss, we want to hear about it! What experiences have you heard about – or even heard rumors about – that you’d like to see featured in a possible Fandom Flashback? Let us know in the comments.

For our first Fandom Flashback, we will be talking about the early days of book signings with Stephenie Meyer. If you went to one of the first book signing, we want to hear from you! Personally, I never made it to a Twilight book signing. I went to a few for New Moon, but I missed out on those small gatherings known as the “I Love Edward Cullen” parties! If you were around when Twilight first came out and were able to attend one of those very first signings with Stephenie, we need your input! Log in and leave a comment below with a quick summary of where you went for your signing and we will contact you for more details!

We really would like this to be a feature driven by the fans! Your input is vital, so let us know what you want to see and talk about. We’re looking forward to hearing your stories and sharing in some fun and entertaining memories.

Many thanks to OpenHome for the button!