Fandom Flashback!

In the various opportunities we’ve had over the years to talk to and meet with fans around the country, we find that most of them became fans because of their interest in the movies.  Many of you saw the movie and then read the books and fell in love with the series on a whole other level. But those of you that came into the fandom after the movies missed out on some of the most unique experiences the fandom had to offer.

We are going to start a series called “Fandom Flashback” where we will be talking about events and experiences that happened in the early days of the fandom. This will allow long time fans a chance to chime in and share photos and experiences. It also gives you newer fans a chance to take a peek at some of the things you might have missed along the way. Since this fandom has been going strong for over five years, we really do want and need your feedback to help us being this series to life.

We plan on featuring experiences like E-Prom, trips to Forks, book release parties, early casting drama, Twilight bands and playlist hype, and many more! If you have a good idea for us to discuss, we want to hear about it! What experiences have you heard about – or even heard rumors about – that you’d like to see featured in a possible Fandom Flashback? Let us know in the comments.

For our first Fandom Flashback, we will be talking about the early days of book signings with Stephenie Meyer. If you went to one of the first book signing, we want to hear from you! Personally, I never made it to a Twilight book signing. I went to a few for New Moon, but I missed out on those small gatherings known as the “I Love Edward Cullen” parties! If you were around when Twilight first came out and were able to attend one of those very first signings with Stephenie, we need your input! Log in and leave a comment below with a quick summary of where you went for your signing and we will contact you for more details!

We really would like this to be a feature driven by the fans! Your input is vital, so let us know what you want to see and talk about. We’re looking forward to hearing your stories and sharing in some fun and entertaining memories.

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  1. CullenCoven says

    I remember that the year the movie came out I was in 6th grade and I saw all of these people with Twilight. Then my mom bought it an I took it and locked myself in my room for 24 straight hours just reading Twilight. I cam out the next morning and was like: “We have to see the movie. Then we have to get the other books. The. End.” Now with another movie I can’t stop talking.

  2. I got into the fandom almost 2 years ago…after the movies came out. I just wanted to say that this is an awesome idea and I really look forward to seeing what all I’ve missed by joining the fandom late. As they say though…Better late than never!

  3. I read the books first time Jan 2010 and then caught up on the first two movies. I love this idea of finding out about the start from those around. I read references to things that I don’t know anything about.

  4. The movie did it for me. I guess the it was kind of a fluke that I even saw the movie since the one that I wanted to see was sold out so I picked Twilight, needless to say I don’t even remember what movie I had originally wanted to watch. As I watched the movie I realized that I really enjoyed the premised so when I got home that night I went online and purchased all four books from amazon. When they were delivered I read all four straight through. Thus I entered into the fandom and will never leave.

  5. Lynne Stringer says

    After avoiding Twilight for quite some time because of a fear of vampires, I finally convinced myself, when the first movie was about to come out on DVD, that it might be okay to watch. So I looked up the first teaser trailer on youtube to see if I thought it might be up my alley.
    From the moment Edward stops that car and looks up into Bella’s eyes I was completely and utterly hooked. I couldn’t wait until the DVD came out, and, since my wedding anniversary and Mothers’ Day wasn’t too long after, I gave my husband strict instructions that I wanted the DVD and the first two books. Now I am a complete and utter addict, and I am counting the days until BD part 1 is released.

  6. Memories. It’s going to be hard on a lot of people when this series ends ! Loved every second of it !

  7. wow…umm the earliest book signing i remember going to was at the E-Prom back on Cinco De Mayo of 2007! that was the first, and definitely not the last, time I met Stephenie. Still the best day of my life. mostly because that then led to things like, host book signing, BD book signing, and all those rumors abt the movie…ect.
    hey does anyone from back in the day, remember this photo?!!
    hahahahahaha good times!

    • i joined the fandom about 6 months after the first twilight movie was release. im so shattered i missed the hype of the first movie. i love that photo, but who is edward? it doesnt look like rob so im assuming there is an awesome story that goes with it. PLEASE share!

      • Well that is Rob! hahaha thats why it’s so funny! almost everyone is wearing a horrid wig too! This photo came out immediately after they cast all the Cullens. This was the very first ever view at the actors in character or at any twilight movie photo ever. It was awful, everyone was laughing at how bad it looked like the movie was going to be because of this pic; the fandom went crazy with laughter. But the Lexicon reminded us that they had a lot more months and work to do. I’m so glad it didn’t turn out looking like this! hahaha aww good times.

    • I also started reading twilight back in 2007, it was right after eclipse was released. Back then I didn’t even read that much, I was mainly into reading manga. I just happend to be in a vampire manga forum and saw a twilight discussion going on, and decided to give it a chance. I’ve been hooked ever since.

      LOL I soo remember that photo… I also, saved several pictures back then, here’s another one similar to yours…

    • OMG -I LOVE that photo!

      • Vampire-girl says

        Cool photo, but glad they ditched the jackets. I had never heard of the books until I saw the movie trailer for Twilight and fell in love with the idea of the vampire romance. Loved the movie and then read all the books and like others have been hooked. This is my fave twi-site and is the only one I check every day, so would love to see memories of what I have missed as I live in the UK and can’t get to events. It would be great to hear about fans reactions to the actors chosen such as if they were who they imagined when reading.

    • smitten_by_twilight says

      LOL! So glad they worked on costuming, this pic reminds me of The Outsiders in puffy jackets.

    • Love it for you! Totally jealous in a good way…

  8. I had already read the first three books for Breaking Dawn came out in the summer of 2008. Then after reading Breaking Dawn,I was prepared to see the first film. It’s been a great fandom to be apart of and I will continue to love the series for years to come. This is best Twilight fansite created,because it gives us updated info on everything inside and out of the Twilight universe. Keep up the good work.

  9. i came in the fandom a little later then most…… right before New Moon came out in DVD.
    i wasn’t a twilight hater but i was never interested in the series. My friends were though. all they would talk about was the twilight books/ movies/ actors and the “im team Edward!” or “im team jacob!” thing. i always thought to myself, why does it matter? what’s so special about a vampire book? And many times my friends would try to convince me to buy the books but i would say no.
    So one day i was going to the movies with my mom but there was a book store right next to the theater. we decided to go and look around before the movie. i was looking around when i saw a copy of twilight just sitting there. i picked it up and started reading…. long story short i bought the book and i fell in love! i bought the rest of the series and bought all the movies. now im a bigger twilight fan then any of my friends but they still tell me to this day “I told you so!” 🙂

  10. PixieWings36 says

    I first read the books in January of 2010… “Santa” had given me the first one for Christmas and it was a few weeks before I finally picked it up. I was one of those that did not want any part of it. I had watched the first movie with my husband, and honestly… I didn’t really like it. My friend from work convinced me to read the books. After I finally started reading, I read all four books in eight days- with a full time job and two kids! lol I’ve now read the series five times, and I have banned myself from reading them again until October. lol

  11. Lynne Stringer says

    One thing I would like to see in this section is more about the fuss that took place when Rob was cast, including casting suggestions prior to him and (if possible) links to any videos that were made complaining about him, especially if those people changed their minds and liked him afterwards. I missed out on all that, and it’s long interested me, but these days I can’t find much on it. And since I was interested in the movie first, Rob is Edward, as far as I’m concerned.

    • Lynne, as far as i can remember, the biggest people chosen by the fandom for Edward was mostly just Hayden Christensen and, my person fav, Colton Haynes. i still have a ton of fan made pics of Colton as Edward.–twilight-series-482189_450_301.jpg but now, I’m kinda glad they didn’t choose him because now he has aged a lot since 2007/2008 and now doesn’t really seem to look to fit the part.
      and Bella’s main pick from the fandom was Emily Browning, who I think would have done an amazing job.

    • Twilight_News says

      Lynn, we do plan on having a casting flashback! People are usually STUNNED when I tell them that Rob was hated openly for weeks and weeks about how ugly he was and how he soooo wasn’t Edward! So we will do a casting flashback. But glad to hear that you’re interested in it!

      • Lynne Stringer says

        That would be great to see. I’ve heard so much about it after the fact, and, since he did so well as Edward, I find it difficult to believe that people wrote him off without giving him a chance.

        I must confess I do know a couple of people who still believe he is completely inappropriate for Edward. One has even become Team Jacob, because she doesn’t like what Rob has done to him. I told her that, from what I’ve read, Stephenie seems to think his performance was spot on, but she finds that difficult to believe. I find it hard to understand why she thinks that, but since I was a fan of the movie first, as I said before, Rob is Edward, as far as I’m concerned. Mabye it would have been different if I had read the books first.

      • Lynne Stringer says

        That would be great to see. I’ve heard so much about it after the fact, and, since he did so well as Edward, I find it difficult to believe that people wrote him off without giving him a chance.

        I must confess I do know a couple of people who still believe he is completely inappropriate for Edward. One has even become Team Jacob, because she doesn’t like what Rob has done to him. I told her that, from what I’ve read, Stephenie seems to think his performance was spot on, but she finds that difficult to believe. I find it hard to understand why she thinks that, but since I was a fan of the movie first, as I said before, Rob is Edward, as far as I’m concerned. Maybe it would have been different if I had read the books first.

  12. In late 2005, I was a sophmore in High School and I was at my local Barnes and Noble. I was going to pick up a book to read and had to decide between two. Twilight was my choice. I have been hooked since.
    Back in the days when Stephenie still had the “Contact” option on her website, I sent her an email gushing over my love for the series and when there would be a sequel.
    She wrote back to me saying that it was extremely cool to hear from people who “liked” Twilight and that as she was writing a reply to my email, she was finishing up “New Moon.” Needless to say, I still have that email saved and cherished.
    I, unfortunetly never got to meet Stephenie, as when she came near my city on a tour, I had to go to school, but the email i got from her was just as good and memorable.
    I also sent her an email a little while later, after I heard they were in the works of making Twilight into a film, that Hayden Christensen would make a good Edward Cullen. She replied that he was a good choice but a little too old 🙂 That email was lost in cyberspace to my horror.

    • Lynne Stringer says

      Laura, you’re very lucky to have had contact with Stephenie. I would love to do that, but I came to the craze a little too late. I’m also on the other side of the world, which makes getting to any events she’s at a little difficult.

    • WOW. You are incredibly lucky! That is amazing! :D:D
      I’m ten shades of jealous right now 😛

  13. I started into the fandom right after New Moon and before Eclipse. Then I got my family all into the series…including aunts,mom, son, cousins, etc. We all love the series and have gone to the book signings, movie premieres, etc. When Eclipse came out I was so mad I had to read the book 3 times before I could stop throwing it…yes, I am a Edward fan. Then I worried the whole year that Stephenie was not going to let Bella and Edward be together in the end. A friend had to email me almost daily with reasons why she wouldn’t let that happen. We all love the stories and would always wish for more. I can’t wait to hear the “early,early” stories of the intimate book signings, etc.

  14. Charlotte says

    I live in Ireland and had never heard of the books, my friend saw Twilight and gave me a 45 minute detailed account of why I’d like it. I went to see it and thought it was beautiful (my actual words to my friend). I still didn’t see the books anywhere though and when the dvd of Twilight came out the first book was on sale in the same shop so I bought it 2 days later I’d finished and went back looking for new moon but they didn’t have it (Spring 2009!!) so I dragged my sister round every book shop in Donegal until I found it I bought new moon, eclipse and breaking Dawn and had finished all four books in a week. I came to the lexicon because I’d read what Stephenie wrote in eclipse and I’ve come back nearly every day since. Thanks Lexicon for doing this so those of us who got into it late can find out all the things we missed. I can’t

  15. On a boring Sunday evening in August 2006, I was browsing around a Barnes & Noble looking for something to read. I picked up Twilight off the shelf and sat down in one of the arm chairs. I pretty much started reading it, not thinking too much into it…two hours later, I ended up buying the book and finishing it up that night at 3am (granted I had to get up at 6am for work). That was when it all began. I re-read Twilight several more times that week and searched out for more. New Moon was just weeks away from released. The wait was unbearable. My love for Twilight drove me to seek out other paranormal series to quench my thirst for more between sequels…. In July 2007, I was a part of a very small extremely lucky group of fans who got to meet and hang out with Stephenie to film the Borders Book Club segment. That was one of the best days ever!

  16. I didn’t know anything about Twilight until my husband and I rented the movie. The biggest standout in the movie for me was the atmosphere of it, and the storyline, of course. So I put the book on hold at the library. It took like 2 months to get it. After I read it, I told my daughter to borrow the rest of the series from her friend because I wasn’t going to wait for the next book at the library! I eventually bought the series. One funny thing is that months before I had even heard of Twilight, my daughter’s friend sent an e-mail of herself on She had won a trip to Borders in New York to be the first to buy Breaking Dawn at midnight. She also got to meet Stephanie Meyer, etc. When I saw her on the video, I thought she had turned Goth or something. I later talked to her mom and they were doing free vampire make-overs in the line at Borders. Boy, was I late to the party!

  17. I’ve been obsessed with Twilight since Novemeber 2007! I got it as an early Xmas pressie and read it from 10.30pm to 8.30am! No book has since beaten that record. I’ve been Team Edward from page one and have learnt to tolerate Jacob (he’s good in his own way but I love Edward more). Unfortuntely living on the other side of the world has excluded me from events of any sort. Steph never visited my home country 🙁

    I was lucky to avoid all the casting nonsense. I knew that if I saw the other options for Edward, I might pick someone who would not be casted! Luckily self-control paid off and the first pic I saw of Edward in Twilight the movie assured me Rob was perfectly casted. Bella on the other hand looked like a vamp to me (which is ironic becuase BD wasn’t out then)!

    I am proud to be an obsessive, passionate twerd (twilight nerd), who got to enjoy the saga in its purest form. Bring on the nostalga!

  18. I’m so excited that you guys are doing this. It almost hurts, the amount of nostalgia that this brings back.

    Yes, I went to a book signing. It was an Eclipse one in Toronto. I live a fair distance away from Toronto so I had to convince my mom (I was 15 at the time) to drive me down to the big city. We ended up getting there a little too late! It turned out that they were giving away only 400 tickets ahead of time. The people at the Indigo told me that I had two options; either I went upstairs and waited in line, in the off chance that Stephenie would agree to sign more than 400 books, or I could go downstairs and listen to her question and answer session, but miss out on maybe getting my book signed. I decided to go upstairs and wait. While in line, I befriended a pair of cousins who were waiting in line with their aunt/mom. Their aunt/mom told us that there was a way to sneak downstairs through the back entrance of the store to where the Q and A was taking place. So while their aunt/mom held our place in line, we ran downstairs and watched the Q and A session. Well, 4 hours and 2 new friends later, I got my book signed. I was so nervous that my mouth started to twitch, but it was perfect anyway, because Stephenie told me that her mouth does the same thing when she’s nervous. The line ended up stretching outside the store and down a few blocks. I later heard that Stephenie signed ALL of them.

    It was a great day. The best part? During my frosh week at University this year, I ran into one of the girls from the line up. We are still friends.

  19. Awesome writing. Can I usethis on one of my sites? I’d like to place it as a reference for my fans in a link pointing back here. Thanks. =) Weber (=


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