Tyler Posey Was Once In The Running For Jacob Black.

Tyler Posey(see above in character make-up) is the star of MTV’s upcoming Teen Wolf series. The New York Times has a rather long feature on this project that is peppered with Twilight references ( a lot of them are the typical angst ridden, abstinence, morality tale comments that fans are used to seeing). Nonetheless, after this very long article which makes some conclusions about Twilight fans and werewolf loving cross-over series that may or may not be true, this gem pops up:

“The one interesting thing I know about Posey is that he was, at one point, close to landing the role of Jacob, the werewolf in the “Twilight” movies. He confirms this, then adds that he was only 16 when it happened, that he was more into hanging out with his friends than acting back then, that he’s not bitter about how it all went down. But when he actually explains how it all went down, another story comes out.

Posey is from Valencia, Calif.; for a long time, he thought he was the only actor in town. Then this kid, Taylor Lautner, moved to Valencia. Another actor. (“His name’s Taylor, my name’s Tyler,” Posey says.) Lautner started dating a girl in Posey’s neighborhood, a girl Posey was into. They started running into each other at auditions. And then one day, after Posey was told the “Twilight” job was his to lose, and then lost it, he ran into Lautner again, and Lautner told him he was just back from Oregon. Where he’d been shooting “Twilight.”

Come on, I say. It sounds as if he’s your nemesis. You have to hate that guy a little bit.

“Just a little bit,” Posey admits. “Yeah, of course.”

I say, that’s what this is all about, isn’t it? This is your revenge. You’re doing this show to make people forget Taylor Lautner ever existed.

“I’m the new werewolf in town, man,” Posey says. “Watch out.”

See more on The New York Times.

So what do you think, would Tyler Posey have been a good Jacob Black?


  1. Forget Taylor Lautner?!!! What world are they living in?

  2. MyAfterCar says:

    No. Taylor was born to play Jacob. End of story! Sorry, kid!

    • McKee21 says:


      • He would have been a better Jacob Black. At least, he fits the character I had in mind when reading the saga. However, since the whole movie franchise sucks, it’s probably better that he wasn’t casted as Jacob at all. Let him act in an interesting TV show rather than Twilight. It might even be better for his career who knows.

  3. Ah, this kid isn’t the best Jacob Black.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Um NO! It was Destiny that Taylor play Jacob. No Doubt!

  5. yikes, that was a little childish of him to say. Is he trying to start something? Taylor would never had said anything like that. Bad form!

  6. He’s Native American? 8-\

  7. Taylor=Jacob, enough said. This guy seems a little bigheaded, if you ask me, which is not a quality that Twilight stars have. They are all very humble about the fans’ reaction. I think this guy would have ruined that.

    • I agree and Taylor Lautner really understands the character and everything that he goes through in the entire series. After the first film,he truly owned the character and I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the role. The fan support was behind him after the first film and were prepared to be very upset if his part was re-cast in New Moon. Like you said the Twilight cast are very humble about their success and they don’t forget everyday that the fans support has been a huge reason why the films have been so successful. I’m proud of what they’ve done on the films and can’t wait to see what they do this fall in Breaking Dawn.

  8. Tyler is way better than squinted face Taylor, besides Taylor is gay…

    • Your an idiot how in Gods name is Tyler Posey even close of better than Taylor 5% close. Taylor is like Bobby Fisher, The Micheal Jordon werewolf super star over Tyler Posey you must be on Crystal Myth.

  9. Tyler isn’t even part Native, he’s part Irish, English and Mexican. And it would’ve been really weird if Taylor hadn’t been Jacob.
    And yeah, agree, Taylor sounds way more humble than this guy/would not have said what Tyler said about him.

  10. I’m happy Tyler hasn’t become jacob, cause I don’t think the role suits him well… But guys please, Tyler is a great actor, in my opinion better than Taylor… (sorry Lautner fans, I like Taylor too don’t worry…)
    Anywayssss, Tylers role in Teen Wolf is awesomeeee!! 😉
    Really guys, you’ll love Teen Wolf! if you haven’t seen it yet… well, you should really watch it. ok, it’s different from Twilight, ofcourse, but it’s real good and I really love it.

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