Gus Van Sant: The Breaking Dawn Directing Story

Gus Van Zant’s name popped up roughly a year ago on a list of three possible directors who made it to the proverbial short list for Breaking Dawn. The other two were Sofia Coppola and Bill Condon who eventually got the job. Here’s Gus’ take on how it all went down.


  1. I think Bill Condon is going to do an awesome job but i would love to see Gus Van Sant and Sofia Coppola’s take on breaking dawn even the whole series. Each one I think would come at it from a different perspective with different experiences under their belt.

  2. Charlotte says:

    You can almost feel him cringe at the memory of his “audition” haha I’ve had job interviews like that where they’re just staring and you have no idea how to tell them what they want!!!

  3. Honestly, no offense to Bill Condon, BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sofia Coppola and I think Catherine Hardwick really sent up the time of genre that Sofia is brilliant at: young, hip, indie-type-fie, super sexy….oh well, too bad….

  4. danyelle says:

    Catherine Hardwick set the feel for the whole saga. I really wish she would have done all of them. Or at least eclipse bc even tho I love all 3 so far and prob couldn’t pick a fav, if I had to say, dave slade did not capture that feeling that the first 2 have. The vampires weren’t vampirey enough, the scenes were choppy and tooo many details were overlooked. That’s just my thoughts! Yay lets go team bill condon!

  5. aleisha says:

    To me, it sounds like what he’s really saying is that they wanted someone to kiss their a$$es a little more. lol


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