Ashley Greene Talks to 17 About Twilight’s End

17 Magazine interviewed Ashley for her new movie called Skateland:

17: Speaking of the end, how do you feel about getting so close to the end of Twilight

AG: It’s bittersweet. It’s like high school. You’re excited to graduate, but at the same time, you’re going to miss your friends. But we know we haven’t seen the last of each other—we still have a couple of years with the press tours and premieres.

17: Your Skateland co-star Shiloh Fernandez was almost Edward Cullen. Did you guys ever talk about that?

AG: Yeah, we certainly had discussions about (Twilight director) Catherine Hardwicke. We both had the same opinion on her: she’s just fantastic. She’s wild and crazy and eccentric and very fun to work with.”

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  1. The end is truely near. Now they need to make The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.


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