High Resolution Versions Breaking Dawn Stills

Here are the 11 photos that recently appeared in People and EW. In the above shot the girl whose back is to the lens is actress Olga Fonda, who given the make-up seems to be human. Perhaps a new Gianna-type assistant?

Hilly Hindi from Hillywood pointed out that the thrones are different than the ones last seen in New Moon.

Bella and Edward Dress off shoulder

Edward and Bella Breakfast on Isle Esme

Edward and Bella Streets of Rio

Edward and Bella Waterfall

Edward and Bella Play Chess

Denali Sisters and Esme

Carmen and Eleazar of the Denali Coven

Alice and Bella Wedding Preparations

Aro and Caius in the Volturi Lair (also seen actress Olga Fonda)

Jacob on Bike

Jacob Running With Wedding Invitation