High Resolution Versions Breaking Dawn Stills

Here are the 11 photos that recently appeared in People and EW. In the above shot the girl whose back is to the lens is actress Olga Fonda, who given the make-up seems to be human. Perhaps a new Gianna-type assistant?

Hilly Hindi from Hillywood pointed out that the thrones are different than the ones last seen in New Moon.

Bella and Edward Dress off shoulder

Edward and Bella Breakfast on Isle Esme

Edward and Bella Streets of Rio

Edward and Bella Waterfall

Edward and Bella Play Chess

Denali Sisters and Esme

Carmen and Eleazar of the Denali Coven

Alice and Bella Wedding Preparations

Aro and Caius in the Volturi Lair (also seen actress Olga Fonda)

Jacob on Bike

Jacob Running With Wedding Invitation



  1. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  2. There is a link that is missing, the one with the chess

  3. I love Alice’s hair! Just how I imagined it!

  4. The one with the dress off her shoulder, the faces they are making make it look like they are looking at something awful, in a mirror maybe? Like bruises? But the bruises are edited out for this. Just a thought. Looks more like soft blanket material than a dress.

    • I was thinking it was when the cleaning crew comes and Bella is mortified…can’t wait to find out!

    • But Bella doesn’t have a wedding ring on in that picture.

      • The only thing I think it could possibly be that would happen before the wedding is when Jasper and Emmett come and get him for the bachelor party…other than that, maybe she just has the ring off?

    • Good thought. I have yet to figure out what its suppossed to mean. Love Alice’s hair by the way. is it just me or dose it look like the hair from the graphic novel?

    • I was thinking tht maybe it was when the ticuana lady told her something about death(morte)

  5. I thought only Kate and Tonya were at the wedding Irena didnt go?

    • Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says

      You’re right. In the book, Irina wasn’t at the wedding; but the movies never introduced the Denalis so I’m guessing they’re using this to intro them all to the audience.

    • Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says

      These pics are FANTASTIC! I’m getting so excited (as if I wasn’t already)! 😉

  6. Oh, I loved the one of Eleazar and Carmon, they look just like I imagined, only I imagined him with longer hair for some reason. I will have to go back and read it again. Really beautiful picks…

  7. Wonder if the actress is delivering the wedding announcement to Aro?

    • I don’t know, that’s a good idea.

      Irina has to introduced somehow. So I guess that this is the way they did it. I like it personally.

  8. the waterfall moment is what moment actually? anyone plz explain..

    • I think the waterfall moment reflects the middle of Edward and Bella’s honeymoon. After they have sex and he is trying to distract her so that she doesnt bring up anything sexual. Remember? He was trying to keep her busy by taking her all over the island to sightsee and stuff? It could also reflect the part in the book where they first get together. Bella meets Edward in the water and they get down and dirty..remember??

  9. Twilight fan1 says

    I didn’t see the black clips in Alice’s hair. I thought she cut some off but I’ve only just saw them. These pictures are AWESOME!

  10. I love all these ! Especially the one with Aro.

  11. You guys made my day with this NO LIE halfway through lookin at the pictures tears came down my face AMAZING CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  12. Danielle says

    Maybe this means a teaser trailer will be soon?????

  13. Roseanne says

    get the movie out soon or stop this…ITS FREAKING TORTURE!!!

  14. smitten_by_twilight says

    Elizabeth as Esme looks great in this. Everything looks great … ONLY 6+ months left, folks!

  15. Kelly M. says

    Tanya’s not strawberry blonde! That’s 99% of her physical description in the books! DX
    Anyway, the pictures are AMAZING!

    The Volturi chairs may not be the same because they’re in a different room…?

  16. Jacob on the bike is at the Swan house! I was there when they were filming and those bikes were there!!

    • Does any one know where I can find the outfit that Taylor is wearing in this photo? please help me out.. thanks

  17. Thank you very much for these pics. They are so beautiful. I can’t wait to see the film and I really hope summit decides to bring out the second film earlier. November 2012 is just toooo long

  18. how am i gonna survive until novemeber aft seen these wonderful pics??

  19. Cecilia says

    The pictures are all beautiful! I’m so excited for November!

    So, seeing the picture of Edward and Bella in the streets of Rio brings up a question that’s been bugging me for a while. In the earlier paparazzi photos from Rio, Bella is wearing her engagement ring and Edward isn’t wearing a ring at all, i.e they’re not married yet. Why are they in Rio and in the jet boat (wearing the same clothes) if not married and on their way to Isle Esme?!

  20. Does any one know where I can find the outfit that Taylor is wearing in the bike photo? please help me out.. thanks

  21. “Morning after” breakfast… no bruises. Will those be put in later – CGI? Or did the studio touch up the pics to keep us guessing. I thought, though, this was already release a couple days a ago, and specifically labelled, Breakfast the “morning after.”

  22. MariposaAlice says

    I think that’s more like a blanket or robe than a dress! If you enlarge it, the material is more blanket-like. And I LOVE/ADORE the picture of Edward and Bella playing chess! It’s such a beautiful photo! As well as the one of of Aro and Caius and the woman…hmmmm….

  23. I hate Edward’s outfit in the chess pic…..

  24. If you notice the color of the chess pieces, you would see that they are the exact color as those on the cover of BD, and that there is a red pawn behind her white queen, just like the colors and posotions in the book. And wasn’t Tanya strawberry blonde?

  25. If you notice the color of the chess pieces, you would see that they are the color as those on the cover of BD, and that there is a red pawn behind her white queen, like the colors and posotions in the book. And wasn’t Tanya strawberry blonde?

  26. I LOVE LOVE LOVE thise pictures! Being a TEAM JACOB fan, i do wish there were a few more of Taylor. The ones there are now are fantastic though! I cannot wait until november when this comes out! ps… The room for the Volturi is different. if you look closely at the NM stills, there is a hallway behind the chairs, now its just a dome shaped ceiling so its obviously a different room. I am also curious at to why Ed and Bella are not wearing wedding rings while on the streets or Rio. Hmmmmm……

  27. soo sweet to watch

  28. is not to bad ! but y hiliy wood copying this film?

  29. is not to bad ! but y hiliy wood copying this film?ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!


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