Win a Stephenie Meyer Signed Eclipse Via Jon Lewis

Last chance to enter a contest by Jon Lewis. Don’t Forget, entry details here!


  1. I wanna win it

  2. Would be wonderful to win this!!!

  3. This would be so cool to win
    Thanks for the opportunity

  4. Chiara Avallone says:

    I wanna win it

  5. Of all of the autographs I’ve been able to get, this would be the most treasured! What a great opportunity to win this! How are you choosing the winner?

  6. I would LOVE an opportunity to recieve an autographed Eclipse book from Stephenie. It would mean the world to me… :):):)

  7. Luckily for me my husband of 36 years is indulgent with my passion for the Twilight Saga and this would look great with my collection! Yeah, yeah I know. What is a grandmother of soon to be 5 granchildren doing being a Twihard? I think is because Bella’s reaction to Edward reminds me of mine at the end of my first date with hubby. He didn’t know it yet but he was already caught and claimed!

  8. I would love the opportunity to win an autographed Eclipse book, 🙂

  9. It would be incredible to win this!!!

  10. I have my fingers crossed I tried my hardest

  11. Site was hacked or taken offline. Missing the index.php page. ???

  12. Diana Billy says:

    The written work of the author is awesome and written to bring all the characters to life, as I love writing and to bring her imagination to life is awesome and you never know what the mind and brain is creating until you ‘ve seen the final product of the last chapters of the books. Love her written work, and thanks for bring this forward for people come alive with the story line and to see it come alive throught he movies. Awesome & I would love to win her autograph and awesome books. thanks Diana Billy of The West Coast of B.C.

  13. My daughter would just die if I won this for her upcoming birthday!

  14. olympic coven says:

    It would be great to win from such a special writer that has impacted me (and thousands others)to read again

  15. Sandra says:

    This book was the most special one for me, because it´s here when we finally can know how it ends what started as a teenage love story. It would be great to have it!!!

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