Twilight Source Latest Podcast and Hypable


Our friends over at Twilight Source have the latest edition of their Imprint Podcast up. They cover the recent photo leaks and they give a good rundown of the Twilight Guide pro and cons. Check out their podcast here.

They have also started a new site called Hypable. Here’s the description:

“We know you’re a fan of Twilight, but surely you’re a fan of other fandoms too?

Enter Hypable, a new entertainment site I’ve created with a few friends. Hypable is for fans, by fans and hopes to become your one-stop resource for your fandom news.

“The problem with most entertainment sites today is that they don’t cover every story in every fandom. What’s more, they usually post stories a day or two after the story breaks.

We at Hypable know that immediacy and thoroughness is important to you, and that’s why we promise that we’ll never miss a story for the fandoms we cover.

The best part is that Hypable will continue to evolve its covered fandoms as time goes on. We’ll always be there to bring you the fandom news you’re looking for!”

They are covering several fandoms from Hunger Games, to Glee, to Dr. Who. Check it out.