People Magazine Breaking Dawn Photos

People Magazine has in their online edition photos that first cropped up online the other day. See one above and check out more on People online and in news stands.


  1. Mary Masen says

    I want this mag NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Am I the only one who sees the symbolism used to represent the book cover here people with them playing chess on the honeymoon. Much as CH Did in the first film with the apple scene. Come on peeps tell me you see this too!

  3. Joshua L. Roberts says

    You know.. I was hoping that they would be doing a lot more than playing chess… :p

    • Josh, you have to think back, he was doing everything he could think of to occupy her and exhaust her! Everything but that one thing…lol

      • Of course after seeing her in her nightie,well a man can only take so much,even if he is 104 years old. LOL! The pics look great and I can’t wait to get my copy of People magazine.

  4. I’m sorry…but does anyone else think that this doesn’t look like RP & KS? Is it really them?

    • I know what you’re talking about…RP I’m not so sure but KS definitely. I mean she looks gorgeous but there is something different. Maybe the hair? Her wig was the only part that I didn’t like about Eclipse, but it looks great now (if it even is a wig)!

  5. April Johnson says

    Does anyone know some name of some retail stores where I can buy the EW Magazine at?


  7. Anyone notice how his red pawn is diagonlly behind her white queen, like the cover of the book. I love how they did the symbolism in each of the movies.