Chaske Spencer Helps Kansas Area Tribe

According to the Topeka Capital Journal, Chaske Spencer has been helping a local tribe leading workshops on for local youth and their families on several areas of need.

“Chiefs of police for the Kickapoo, Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation, Iowa Tribe, and the Sax and Fox joined forces to bring Spencer to Kansas.

“I went to a conference in Palm Springs last December,” said Kickapoo Police Chief Gordon Smith. “Chaske Spencer was a speaker.”

Smith said he came back to Kansas and spoke to the other police chiefs about bringing the actor to the area.

“The guy has been phenomenal,” Smith said. “He is not your typical actor. He goes out and sits with the kids, poses for photos. He is a totally different person, as far as actors go.”

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  1. I think it is truly a blessing to see “Sam” helping out like that, it would be nice to more of this happening Great Job!!

  2. Gigi Cullen says:

    Chaske, you are really awesome. You make me proud to be native. You do so much for all tribes! Great job man. Keep doin’ what your doin’.

  3. Kinda looks like he’s flippin everyone off, lol, had to say it, cause everytime I scroll past the picture thats what catches my attention…yes, I do believe there is something wrong with me (laughing now)

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