Peter Facinelli Talks Breaking Dawn Wedding Blues With MTV

MTV had the chance to talk to Peter Facinelli about Paul McDonald doing the soundtrack for his movie Loosies. They slipped in a couple of Breaking Dawn questions while they had him on the phone. This was our favorite:

“Although he couldn’t go into too much detail, we asked Facinelli to describe the heavily hyped wedding scene for us.

“Beautiful and spectacular,” he said. “It’s funny, because whenever we have a big important scene on ‘Twilight’ [movies], it rains. I was doing the baseball sequence [from ‘Twilight’], and it was raining. But you never see it on film,” he said of the filmmaking crew’s movie magic. “With this wedding, it rained the whole time we shot the two scenes. But you’ll never see it on film, they block out the rain. They put tarps up and you’ll never see it. But for us, it was very wet and muddy and cold.”

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  1. That is kind of funny that it would rain. I seriously can’t wait to see the wedding scenes! Since they split it into 2 movies I REALLY hope the wedding scenes will be a good length & as close to the book as possible.

  2. I hope it’s a long scene also !

  3. smitten_by_twilight says

    I hope so too, it sounds like they put a lot of effort into the dress, it would sense to put effort into the rest of the scene too!
    I really like the way MTV is doing these Twi related interviews too!

  4. God I hate these people. They better get the trailer soon or else Twihards will gather their pitchforks and torches and and storm the Summit building. Or where ever they compile the scenes into the trailer.