Guide and Graphic Novel 2 Dates

We’ve been getting hit with lots of emails of people asking two things:

1. When is the Official Illustrated Guide coming out in my country?

2. When is the Twilight Graphic Novel part 2 coming out?

Here’s what we found out via Little Brown:

They don’t currently have a release date for the Graphic Novel part 2. We are guessing that the reason the image for the graphic novel 2 appears on the inside back flap of the book jacket of the Official Illustrated Guide is that publishers tend not to change up what is on book jackets to save printing costs. Though the part 2 isn’t currently out, one day it will be, and fans will be reminded of these items.

Here is what they told us about dates for editions outside the USA.

April 12
UK (note the UK has Australia, New Zealand, India, Ireland, and South Africa in its distribution)

April 13

April 18

April 26

May 15
Mainland China
Fall 2011

That’s all they had for now and they said they’d give us other dates when they have them. If you don’t mind an edition written in the English language, both and Amazon.UK do ship to other countries depending where you live.