Guide and Graphic Novel 2 Dates

We’ve been getting hit with lots of emails of people asking two things:

1. When is the Official Illustrated Guide coming out in my country?

2. When is the Twilight Graphic Novel part 2 coming out?

Here’s what we found out via Little Brown:

They don’t currently have a release date for the Graphic Novel part 2. We are guessing that the reason the image for the graphic novel 2 appears on the inside back flap of the book jacket of the Official Illustrated Guide is that publishers tend not to change up what is on book jackets to save printing costs. Though the part 2 isn’t currently out, one day it will be, and fans will be reminded of these items.

Here is what they told us about dates for editions outside the USA.

April 12
UK (note the UK has Australia, New Zealand, India, Ireland, and South Africa in its distribution)

April 13

April 18

April 26

May 15
Mainland China
Fall 2011

That’s all they had for now and they said they’d give us other dates when they have them. If you don’t mind an edition written in the English language, both and Amazon.UK do ship to other countries depending where you live.


  1. In DENMARK its out April 26th, I work in a Bookstore, so that is the date we were given. <3 Linda

    • Twilight_News says

      Thanks Linda! We’ll add that info in.

      • in Portugal it was also out on 12th April, the translated version. I got mine in english from, who also ships abroad. Congrats TL! 🙂 You helped getting all this info out to us! Thank you! 🙂

  2. Glad to help, 🙂 I saw it yesterday, its very good, cant wait to read it. 🙂

  3. Wait, Twilight Graphic Novel part 2?
    So there are two guides?

  4. Kristin, No, its the graphic Novel, like a mangabook. its not a guide but more like a comic with pictures and dialogue

  5. Mary Masen says

    In GREECE it’s out on April 26th.
    I got an e-mail from the publications, it’s the official release date.
    I’ll be the first in the line!!!!!!!
    Sure they’ll remember me as the girl with the Edward tees who screams every time she buys Twilight books
    😉 LOL

  6. hello!
    when it is coming out in Argentina?

  7. Dani from Brazil says

    Book Depository has world wide delivery for free, and it’s the fast delivery out there in my experience with other books…

  8. Also 12th of April in Sweden…..

  9. I live in Dublin and I saw copies of it on sale in easons on O’Connell street over a week ago. So I’m guessing the April 12th thing is wrong for the Republic of Ireland. It might mean Northern Ireland which is actually a part of the UK.

  10. What?! The release date for Italy was the 12th?! Why had I heard that it was the 21st, then?

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