Don’t Forget A Twilight Fan Needs Your Vote!

The MTV Movie Awards is having a contest to send fans to the show and a Twilight fan made the final cut of entrants! Audrey wrote to tell us:

“I am so obsessed with the twilight world that with my friend we chose Stephanie Meyer’s characters to make a spoof for the MTV MOVIE AWARDS 2011 contest. Taylor and Rob are perfect as Jacob and Edward but they can’t compete with these 2babies 🙂 (check out her video and you’ll see what she means) And for sure, ECLIPSE is going to win the best line so we put in the video hehe if you like our video, can you vote for us?”

Audrey did a really cute stylized spoof instead of the traditional “here are the 3 reason to vote for me” routine. If you like her video, please give her your vote!


  1. Who wants to come with me to the MTV Movie Awards and probably MEET ROB, KRISTEW and TAYLOR! i could win tickets if you vote for my video Let’s do it!!!

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