The Twilight Saga Official Illustrated Guide and Hits Top Indie Book List

According to the publishing industry website Galleycat, The Twilight Saga Official Illustrated Guide made its debut in the Indiebound list’s number 4 spot.

“We’ve collected the hardcover books debuting on Indiebound’s Indie Bestseller List for the week ending April 17, 2011–a sneak peek at the books everybody will be talking about next month.

(Debuted at #4) The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guideby Stephenie Meyer: “This comprehensive handbook-essential for every Twilight Saga fan-is full-color throughout with nearly 100 gorgeous illustrations and photographs and with exclusive new material, character profiles, genealogical charts, maps, extensive cross-references, and much more.” (April 2011)”

The Indiebound list covers items purchased at independent bookstore like King’s English in Utah, Changing Hands in Arizona, or Books of Wonder in New York.  Chain book stores like Barnes and Noble and Borders see their purchases reflected in places like the USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly, and New York Times book lists. Certain indie book stores also have their sales count on those big name lists as well.  The larger book lists results usually have a two week lag, so the guide will probably not be on any of them this Friday.


  1. It’s too bad they didn’t promote it very much ! I know a lot of Twilight fans who didn’t know about this.

  2. the twilight guide is awesome a lot of information on the charater but im sad cuz i wanted more infos on the wives but im glad Stephenie Meyer publish that book.thank u verry much twilight fan 4ever

  3. Congrats to Stephenie and to you guys, as well!! You’ve done such an amazing job – hope it sells gazillions!!

  4. i just my copy of this book yestorday finnily.
    i’m so excited to read all info they give in this book.

  5. It would be nicer if it was accurate. I’ve found six (6) errors in looking through for just a couple of hours. It makes me wonder about the rest that I’ve not read yet.

  6. I saw the twilight saga official illustrated guide the other day in the shops. It looked good. Not sure if I would pay full price for it but I sure enjoyed flipping through the pages. I so love reading the Twilight Series.


  7. mschicklet says

    Oh my god that is so sad. The guide was one of the worst books I’ve ever picked up. The timeline was VERY incomplete, the drawings were crap, they wasted entire pages on drawings that weren’t very detailed, and they didn’t even include drawings for all the important characters. They included only a small fraction of the questions about the saga and mythology that even Stephenie Meyer had answers to on her website. It’s supposed to be a complete guide, and it was anything but.

  8. I think that the Guide is terrific. Nice illustrations (I didn’t even know it was going to be illustrated until a few months ago), lots of backstory on some characters, handy timeline and summaries.

    The illustrated Guide (esp. the Japanese book covers) and graphic novel make me think that a great re-adaptation of the Twilight Saga would be an anime series.

  9. I think the guide was disappointing. It wasn’t worth the long DELAYED wait. It hurts me to say that because I am true Twihard to the bone.

  10. Congratulations Lori & Laura, how cool to be acknowledged for your dedication to Twilight on the front page! That is awesome!


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