Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide Giveaway—Outside the USA

We’ve been getting a lot of tweets and emails from people who have to wait days, weeks, or moths for the guide to come out in their countries.  Usually the email have been coming in with multiple : ( after their sentences. We always feel bad when we have contests that are USA only (never our choice the supplier’s choice). Last week, we promised that we would do a giveaway for the people who live outside the USA and here it is.

If you live outside of the territories and states of the United States of America, we are going to pick a random two people from the comments, and we will send the guide to you. The version we have at our disposal is the American version, which we will ship to the winners. We don’t have any foreign language versions.

So, in the comments, just tell us what you are looking forward to in the guide and in what country you reside. We’ll pick a random two winners on Friday, April 15th at 11:59 pm eastern.

We don’t care if you are on the science station in Antarctica, Northern Siberia or points in between we will ship it to you!


  1. It’s hard to choose just one thing im most waiting for about the book cause i wanna find out all kind of new things bout all the characters.BUT if i must choose one thing im most excited to read more about Jaspers backround!!Im team Jasper all the way.

    I Love the saga (the books and the movies). Im from Finland and i’ve won the title of the biggest twilight fan in Finland (radio station NRJ had a competition) 😉 Hope to be the other of the two lucky winners!

  2. Hi, I’m Sara from Sweden.

    I would love to win one of the books! I can’t wait to see the illustrations, read the story and enjoy the twilight saga in a whole new way!
    I’ve been sad thinking about the twilight saga ending now when they’ve finished filming. But not now. I feel like we -twilight fans- neded a boost.

    I really Do hope i win. It would mean alot to Me.

  3. Im really looking forward to just having something twilight related. I am Australian and currently living in Japan. I was shocked when I came to the country last year to discover that Eclipse wouldnt be released until November last year. Thats over 6 months wait guys. So no doubt Breaking Dawn is going to be the same. Im looking forward to just have something to quench my Twilight thirst between the long wait. Also, I am in Northern Japan and was brushed breifly by the earthquakes and tsunami in the tohoku region. The only thing that got me through the first few nights was my Breaking Dawn book. I am always looking forward to extending my knowledge base of Twilight and I am sure the illustrated guide will be no exception.

  4. I think I am mostly looking forward to the back stories. I loved reading about the characters and their histories in the books. Alice is definitely one of my favourites!
    But feel there was still a lot of stuff going on we weren’t told.Hopefully the guide will help with that.
    I am from Germany but currently live in Scotland, as I go to uni over here.

  5. Hi, I live in Canada!
    I’m most excited about the illustrations and the other vampires that come to help the Cullens. They aren’t talked about too much in the books, so I would like to know their backgrounds and understand them better.

  6. Hi, I’m from Argentina. What I expect most of the guide, is to see reflected in images, things of the books that are not seen in the movies, and found in Stephanie’s mind. Sorry for my writing. I HOPE TO WIN. BECAUSE I HAVE NO LUCK IN LOVE, HOPE TO HAVE IT IN THE CHANCE. Anyway thanks for the opportunity.

  7. I can’t wait to see more of the characters backstorys and where they came from . I’m from Canada

  8. Hello!!

    I will love to find out about all the characters, as Alice, Esme, Edward, Leah, Jake, all of them. Also I’m very exiting and curious about the family’s trees!! The ilustrations, all those secrets and curious/funny facts, that Stephenie Meyer used to have in her mind when she was writing the Twilight Saga. Thank you. -Venezuela- 🙂

  9. I am most looking forward to reading the back stories on Jasper and Alice, as they are two of my favourite characters. I’m also really looking forward to seeing all of the illustrations, because Young Kim’s illustrations in the graphic novel were really similar to how I first imagined all the characters, and I’d love to see how she has done the members of the Volturi.

    Also, I live in Australia 🙂

  10. Fiona Cullen says:

    Hi! I’m from Australia!
    I was one of those people that sent you an email with multiple 🙁 faces. But who can blame me, I have only had to wait 4 YEARS for this book! Haha.
    The thing I am looking forward most to is reading more about the characters and the world that I am in love with. Thank you!

  11. im very very very excited to see all the illustrations, to see how stephenie sees this world that she created for us to enjoy!

    from Costa Rica.

  12. I am from Portugal,
    and i am looking forward for everything from the beautiful unique illustrations to the character bios, family trees, etc! I been waiting for this guide for over 4 years!

    I hope my english is good 🙂

    Muito obridago

  13. I look forward to reading about Alice’s backstory! But really, I look forward to anything and everything in the guide! 🙂

    I live in Canada. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.

  14. Pamela Bernhardt says:

    Everything. I love Twilight and I´m in my 40′, isn´t it embarrasing?

  15. Everything… I love Twilight!!

  16. Alejandra says:

    I’m looking forward to the backstories of the characters and more of Stephenie Meyer’s point of view of her world!
    I live in Mexico!

  17. Anything and everything, the backrounds of the charachters and the Illustrations.
    I live in Australia

  18. Anything and everything from character info to the illustrations.
    I live in Australia

  19. im looking for all the char. bios especially allice and the illustration

  20. hi! i am from israel, i would like to win this so much.
    i think i deserve it because i am 28 years old and still crazy for twilight, man i am a twilight mom!

  21. oh and i wait mostly for alis’es story…

  22. I’m not very far from the US, but still!! I live in Canada, and I love everything Twilight.

  23. I would be honoured to have a copy of the Guide. I’m interested in all of the details it would give about the Twilight world but of course the bios would be the most intriguing to read.

    Thanks for thinking about the fans outside of US 🙂

    I’m from Finland.

  24. Greetings from Finland! I’m looking forward especially the illustrations and backstories! Can’t wait 🙂

  25. I´m looking forward to learn more about Alice!She´s my favourite character.I live in Germany.

  26. Hej I am from Denmark, and i am looking forward to see more about Reneesme and the background story about Victoria

  27. Hi! I’ve read all the books about twenty times, in english and in french, I’ve read everything that’s on Twilight Lexicon….. and I just can’t get enough! So I need the guide! I also want to know if I was right, when I imagined things differents than in the films.
    I’m from France.

  28. I live in Israel and most want to read everyone’s backstory.

  29. I’m looking forward to all the new information! But most of all Alice’s background. I’m from Hungary.

  30. Faith Galleon says:

    I am looking forward to see the illustrations! and i would love to read Alice’s Bio, for me, her past life is very interesting. And I would also like to see the history of the Volturi. What i really want to see in the illustrated guide is the complete Bios of the Twilight Characters 🙂 i’d like to know when they were transformed, how old they are, where they originated and who transformed them 🙂 I live in Philippines 🙂

  31. WOW!!! i just moved to india! and i wanted to buy the book, but it hasn’t released here yet. i was looking forward to reading the book ever since in knew they were writing one. i would love to read this book because i wanna read in detail about how stephenie meyer created this world from the beginning. i can’t wait to read the character profiles and the extra info about the twilight world. if they say anything about the creation of the first vampire or anything, i would love to read that too. i am also curious to know more about the vampire covens and more about the wolves. i also want to know all the names of the wolves in the pack, the one in breaking dawn i mean, with 17 wolves. i KNOW that this book has so much to give to the fans. it’s full of information, that i bet, will answer so many of the questions in my mind. so it is very hard to pick what i’m most looking forward to. i am so excited.

  32. Purcea Ionela Valentina says:

    I did not know what to expect when i first read that there is going to be an official illustrated guide. I imagined it was going to be a lot like the comic book. then, a few days ago, if I,m not mistaking, I saw here, on the lexicon, the page about James. I was amazed! I’m absolutely looking forward to read everything about all of the characters! But, since I live in Romania, I guess I have to wait a little bit longer. 🙁
    P.S.: Do you, guys, think that Summit might be interested in making a different for every character 😀 or for every coven? That would be nice.

  33. I so want to find out about Alice’s past, cause she’s my favorite character.


  35. I’m looking forward to learn more details on every character and their lives and also to see the drawings inside the book.
    thankx I live in Abu Dhabi

  36. Oh my. The thing’s I’m looking forward to, there’s so much. I love the illustrations, I’m always intrigued to see how my mental pictures of the story compare to the pictures in the book. I find that I spend hours on end examining every inch of these books, my heart pounding in my ears, and my imagination running miles away from my small town of Christchurch New Zealand to the small town of Forks. The story of Edward and Bella is the most amazing thing and never fails to pull me out of whatever bad mood I find myself in. I’m also looking forward to seeing how Alice’s background plays out (although my favourite Cullen girl would have to be Rosalie) it will all be amazing! I cannot wait to read this, to finish my collection. I think that it is very kind for you to do a competition for everyone else in the world! 😀

  37. I love twilight and I read everything I can find about it. I have already read all books in German again and again, so often that I can’t count it. Now I started to read the English versions. Today I am going to buy the guide in German and of course I also would like to have the English one.

    P.S.: I really love your page.

  38. I love the Twilight Saga and I have read the books so often, that I can’t count it. Now I have started to read the English versions. Today I will buy the guide and of course I would like to have the English version, too. I am from a very very small town in Germany.

  39. Faye Ormido says:

    Hello! I’m a Filipina and a big twilight fan. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to buy hardbound copies of the books, I only have the e-books sent to me by a friend. I think it is cool to own ONE ORIGINAL TWILIGHT thing.
    Of course I want to know more about Edward! =)

  40. Am most looking forward to background information about important characters like James and Victoria, whose pasts are non-existent based solely on the novels. Also hoping for some insights from Stephenie Meyer in terms of her writing processes.

  41. Bryony Lister says:

    Hey I live in the uk and im so excited for the profiles of the romanian coven and the pictures from young kim

  42. I’m looking forward to adding it to my collection of twilight books! I want it!
    Monica from Italy

  43. Yay!!!! I am so so so so happy there is an international giveaway!!! Finally!!! 😀 I am most looking forward to finding out more about Jane from the Volturi 🙂 I absolutely love her!!! (You never thought you would hear a twilight fan say that!! ;))I love the way she is just so evil & cunning and I am DIEING to find why is like that. I also really would love to know what made her so cold (pun intended) and heartless. She is definitely the most dynamic character and also the most secretive:D So please please pick me 😀 I am from a beautiful country called South Africa & I would love to win this book 🙂 Thank you

  44. Mandy Robertson says:

    im looking forward to the first page to the last I cant wait to soak up every last bit of it 🙂 im in Scotland xx

  45. I am looking forward to the incredible illustrations and the photographs. England. xx

  46. Rachel M says:

    Hey, I’m from Australia.
    I’m looking forward to reading about Laurent & Victoria’s history, and also finding out more on Emmett’s background & family 🙂

  47. I am really looking forward to all the exact character details and backgrounds. Though I’m not sure what to expect from the guide I know that it is going to be amazing 🙂 I think Stephenie Meyer worked really hard on it, so we’ll definitely not be disappointed – The Netherlands.

  48. Hannah T says:

    I’m looking forward to the pictures of the characters and more information on the characters as well.

  49. shueai93tan says:

    Hello everyone , i live in malaysia .
    Actually the part which i most look forward is the outtakes . I don’t know if the there are more outtakes than the ones posted in the Stephenie Meyer’s website, still there is a part to look forward to . I hope i can win this although i think i don’t have any luck . Keeping my fingers crossed !

  50. I am really lookingforward to all the backstories of all the characters! especially Alice! she’s my fav character! and I live in Germany

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