Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide Giveaway—Outside the USA

We’ve been getting a lot of tweets and emails from people who have to wait days, weeks, or moths for the guide to come out in their countries.  Usually the email have been coming in with multiple : ( after their sentences. We always feel bad when we have contests that are USA only (never our choice the supplier’s choice). Last week, we promised that we would do a giveaway for the people who live outside the USA and here it is.

If you live outside of the territories and states of the United States of America, we are going to pick a random two people from the comments, and we will send the guide to you. The version we have at our disposal is the American version, which we will ship to the winners. We don’t have any foreign language versions.

So, in the comments, just tell us what you are looking forward to in the guide and in what country you reside. We’ll pick a random two winners on Friday, April 15th at 11:59 pm eastern.

We don’t care if you are on the science station in Antarctica, Northern Siberia or points in between we will ship it to you!