Summit Entertainment Asks For Help With Leaked Footage

We received the following from Summit Entertainment:

“In light of recent events, and in case of future occurrences, we have created an e-mail address ( for all fans to submit any links they see hosting leaked content from THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN. If we need additional information, we will contact the individual directly.”

The leaks of this week surpassed what happened last year. Last year an individual hacked into the server where official studio stills were kept, shared them with friends, and they were eventually posted online. This person, after a year of court maneuvers, was eventually tracked down to her home in Sweden and was successfully prosecuted.

There was also similar action taken against the person who put the Wolverine footage online. Note he didn’t steal it, he just got caught distributing it and that is enough for prosecution in a federal case. Copyright violation is a federal offense!

For the above reasons, and the fact that we just think it’s wrong to steal raw footage and distribute things that aren’t yours, we aren’t posting any leaked footage. Please as always keep this type of info out of links in blog comments, or those comments will be deleted. Also if you are lucky enough to get a copy of the official guide early, please don’t disclose what’s in it (we have seen a couple of mentions online). It’s like forcing someone to look a their Christmas present early whether they want to or not.


  1. TwilightRocks!!!! says:

    I think this is a good idea. Its really sad when people take advantage… I havent seen any of the leaked stuff and I wont. I want to be fully surprised when I see the movie in theaters!

    • I agree it is totally wrong, disappointing & disrespectful that people leak footage that doesn’t belong to them as it is way too tempting for most of us not to look. I wish it hadn’t been leaked! BUT….I have to say having caught a glimpse, I am kinda glad I did because I sincerely doubt that we will actually get to see this particular footage in the actual movie. Summit seem to be more concerned about their younger audience and the money they will make from it than being true to our story. Look what they did to Remember Me? They didn’t even have the decency to include all the deleted footage on the DVD. Just my opinion!

  2. Chernaudi says:

    Problem is that this stuff is enivitable. The threat of prison time and lawsuits to the hilt didn’t stop Nigel Stempany and Mike Coughlin from getting the Ferrari/McLaren F1 Spygate scandal off the ground, that was a violation of international copyright laws.

    If Summit really cared, they’d do a better job of protecting their intellectual property (which really isn’t their’s to begin with, as Stephenie Meyer is the real owner of all Twilight Saga IP), and not rely on the fans, who often feel shunned by their management, to help them. It’s not like that their going to get a reward for their efforts.

    I know that what’s happened with Summit is a violation of State, Federal and International copyright laws, but if they really cared about their IP being messed with, you’d think that they’d be more proactive. In the end, I feel sorry for Stephenie, the cast and crew, not a film company that’s milking this for all it’s worth and has done things in the past with questionable motives.

    • angel23 says:

      i agree and the crazy part is they always show you half the movie anyway before it comes out

    • Meredith says:

      I totally agree. Its Summits responsibility to make sure their film isn’t leaked, and with all the intense popularity Twilight has, its inevitable that people are going to try to get a peak and share it– both fans and jerks alike. I don’t agree with how Summit has handled this leak. When you draw attention to the leak and chastise the hackers, that just makes fans want to see the footage even more and the hackers try even hard to piss Summit off. Example, the Westboro Baptist Church and the Anonymous hackers. They threatened the hackers, said they couldn’t shut down their site and in literally 30 seconds after making that threat, their sites were all shut down. (Btw, LOL! That was awesome, screw WBC)

      So Rob shouldn’t be saying destroy them and Summit should stop releasing statements about this. Its counter productive to what their trying to do–stopping leaking and stopping people from viewing them.

  3. Chernaudi says:

    I know that what’s happened it wrong, but there are no winners in this deal, only a bunch of losers on all sides, except for the lawyers.

  4. charity says:

    I agree with everyone that the whole leaked photos was totally disrespectful to everyone. It’s a shame that this stuff happens. I for one am VERY HAPPY that I didn’t see any of the leaked photos and I have no interest in searching or finding any of them. I will wait for the movie. I must say that no matter how much Summit or any studio for that matter protects their property people will find a way to get the photos or videos. Their is always a way around this stuff. ALWAYS. Just like with retail stores trying to protect their stuff or people trying to protect their identity and credit cards. They ALWAYS find a way.

  5. Faith Galleon says:

    Hope they catch whoever is leaking those photos.

  6. Joshua L. Roberts says:

    I will be honest, stealing is wrong, no matter what. Stating Summit should do a better job protecting their material, and that is somehow their fault for it being lost, is simply unfortunate. Is it your fault that you get your cell phone stolen, or you car/house robbed? I’m sure we all take precautions to prevent theft, but theft happens. The only ones at fault are those who are mean enough to do the deed. I think Summit has been more than fair with their fans. Most studios (just look at the HP movies) film their movies in secrecy, keeping almost all information away from fan eyes. Summit hasn’t done that. Any other studio would have altered the books beyond comprehension in order to make a better movie, but Summit, despite a few short comings, made faithful adaptations that fans have fallen in love with. They weren’t the greatest thing ever, but at least Summit attempted to do them justice. Summit is now reaching out to us fans in this moment of crisis, and so I think we at the very least could support the cast, crew, and everyone involved, and help out instead of casting criticizm. As a member of the film making community, having several friends who are producers, directors, and such, I’m totally against the theivery of images, videos, and other materials, as it ruins the experience for everyone, and does nobody any good. Try spending years of your life working on a project just to have somebody take it away from you and ruin your thunder. It’s a real pain… feelings get hurt… people get fired, or at least lose their jobs because of it… So come on fans… join together. While I don’t think Summit is the greatest company out there, they definitely deserve better.

    • Very well put. We could all criticize MR for her alterations here and there…but, for the most part, Summit has supported close adaptations, maintaining the heart of the story, and kept up a close relationship with SM in order to ensure that. Fans should be protecting these unique movies rather than participating in their destruction! Don’t view the images…and help Summit round them up!

  7. An ambulance at the bottom of the cliff is a good idea. I support that. Having *any* way to contact Summit is a step in the right direction.

    And yet, a fence at the top of the cliff is a better one. And someone had enough time to pull together a franchise-ruining amount of data.

    I think that spending a little on web-released, “making of” videos could have helped as well. Even George Lucas (not exactly a show boater) did that with Episode 1, which was filmed under unheard-of security back in the day. In other words, a dam works better when it has a sluice that you can control, because when you try to stop all the water from getting out… eventually, you have a collapse. And those “making of” mini-docs didn’t exactly hurt Episode 1’s bottom line, either.

    • I think franchise ruining amount of data is a little exaggerated. It was like 24 pictures or something like that. If anything, for the fans that sought out the leaked data,,,it made them want to see the movie even more.

      I don’t think Summit did… but for all we know any studio could do something like that purely for publicity.

  8. So glad you are doing this. It just fries me that people do. They think they are cool but really they are fools. I’m really glad you haven’t posted the pictures here, since this is where I go to get all my Twilight info. A couple of years ago at ComicCon, someone leaked footage of New Moon, now they ask you to shut all tecnology off but of course there are those who don’t abide. It was posted on Paris Hilton which made me sad because he is aware of on leaking stuff like that. So he in not my favorite personality in the world. I think it’s called no ethics. It is a privilage to be able to attend an event like that and see what movie makers allow you to see, whether it be movie clips or photos. There’s always a bad apple to ruin it everyone, so I will for sure keep an eye out.

  9. smitten_by_twilight says:

    Yes, Summit should build a high fence to protect their property, but it can’t be built so strong that others can’t break through it. They have released some controlled photos, but that won’t completely address the issue. It goes back to self-control and morality – don’t steal things, even if you are tempted. If you want to be a good online citizen, report thievery.
    All that said, the people I really feel badly for are the cast and crew. For Summit this is primarily a financial and security issue, but for the cast and crew, this is something they have worked on very hard, for a very long time. They have invested thought and effort. For anyone who has ever done something creative, it’s like having someone show it to everyone you know before it’s anywhere near done – invasive and embarassing, no matter what anyone else says about it. I really appreciate that the Lexicon doesn’t take any part in leaked material.

    • Definitely right on! It is unfortunate for Summit, because it certainly is illegal. Thankfully, it probably won’t hurt interest or sales in any way. I mostly feel badly for the actors and Bill Condon and the supporting crew who are working so hard to pull together such a complex movie…hope any discouragement does not inhibit them as they finish filming. All the fans are looking forward to it and trust it will be great!

  10. missjuju says:

    Summit needs to abandon its Fort Knox mentality and start posting production stills more frequently than they have been. People would be less likely to commit this theft/release thing, because the reaction and payoff wouldn’t be as big. As it is, we’ve only seen a couple of official stills, so it’s no wonder things got crazy and out of control so quickly. Summit needs to do what the actors have done to the paps with the whole ‘wear the same shirt’ deal and make these illegal images worth less.

    • Joshua L. Roberts says:

      That won’t stop thievery nor resolve the issue. I agree that the Twilight Saga carries a lot of pressure and that there are a number of fans out there desperate to get info about the new movie, but that doesn’t condone stealing what isn’t yours. There is a reason this material isn’t shown. They WILL release photos/videos/trailers and such when they deem that it will positively reflect their product. They aren’t kidding when they state that this material may not reflect the final product, as many has already mentioned, much of it could be thrown out or changed, of which could lead to disappointment. If you remember to the promo that was realized for New Moon, showing a very early CGI Jacob-Wolf… That was purposely released and it recieved a lot of negative feedback as it wasn’t nearly the quality of what the final redesign would be.

      As for the flood of info… I’d rather not see a ton of information before the movie. I’m fine with a few pictures here and there and the eventual trailer. It leaves more surprises for the actual release.

  11. You know what? I think it was obviously an inside job. Some production assistant or who knows what kind of position went on set wired up with a camera. That person should be prosecuted. I’m sure they can figure out who it was.

    I’ve been wondering if Summit will put out an extra DVD with one of the last movies to show extra footage or making of stuff from all of the films.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Oh please. I can understand prosecuting the ones actually responsible for the hack. But to want to prosecute people just for passing them along to their friends? Gimme a break. Summit has made a crap load of money off these movies. They should have used some of that to upgrade their security. Sorry I dont have a lot of sympathy for Scummit.

    • To put things into perspective. If a thief robbed a jewelry store and decided to give you some of the jewels, and you took them knowing that these things were obtained illegally, you are just as guilty as the man/woman who stole them. Yes you didn’t do the actual thieving act, but instead of turning the material over to the rightful owners, you aided the thief by keeping what was originally not yours.

      I agree that Summit isn’t the perfect company, but they aren’t scum. As I’ve said before, and I’ll continue to say it. Summit is running a business. That is what film making is all about, business. They aren’t a charity organization, and whatever money they make, much of it goes into plans for future productions. Have they made mistakes…yes… but all companies do, so please stop trashing them for wanting justice for an illegal crime.

  13. Charlie says:

    I love the fact we got a little sneak peek! Stealing is wrong but so is making us wait a whole year for part 2! We, the fans are in the end the ones who pay their wages, without our support and hard earned money the little studio that was Summit wouldn’t be the huge company it is today! Also if the damn director is allowed to give us a little something to chew on, surly this was oked by summit!!
    Anyway in my opinion it was so obviously a publicity stunt, come on now, anyone who believes a hacker could get such specific stills is clearly mental! So I would like to say a big Thankyou to Summit for their gift, you have really wet my appetite!!!! Lol

    • It “could” be a publicity stunt, much like Apple “accidentally” leaving an Iphone 4 at a bar last year, but in truth, I doubt it. Twilight fans are pretty rabid about any information, and thus all Summit would have had to do was release some completed stills are a 15 second trailer snippet and fans would have exploded…

      As for stealing… Hey if hackers can break into the Pentagon, then I’m pretty sure they could hack Summit.

    • Charlie – I doubt that Summit released these pics/video but I agree 100% that it is just crazy to make us wait so long for part 2. I can’t even begin to imagine what the reasoning is behind it. Its not like we have to save up to buy a ticket to the next show. We all know the story and we want to see it asap.

      • Karen the reasoning for it, all comes down to marketing and in short making money. If they release both of them back to back or within a few months of each other, it won’t have the same impact, as keeping them separate. I know Twi-fans are die hards, but it would literally be an overload, and plus Summit needs something to fill in next year’s gap.

        So all in all, it really comes down to just a simple fact of making money and product placement. I know a lot of fans might cry foul, but Summit is a business, like any other Hollywood institution, and thus they do have to make money to keep things going. In truth, other than Twilight, they really haven’t had much major success with anything else, so I totally understand why they are doing what they are doing.

        It’s the same reason the Lord of the Rings movies were released a year from each other, why Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows 2, is almost a year from its first part, and so on and so forth.

        Warner released Matrix: Reloaded and Matrix: Revolutions within the same year, and while both films were successful, it still hurt sales for Warner. It makes sense…

        Think of it this way… IF Summit released both films at once or within a few months of each other, you wouldn’t have anything Twilight related to look forward to next year. 😉

        • I hear you Josh but some of us are a lot older than we care to admit and hope that we are still here to be able to enjoy!

  14. missjuju says:

    And where exactly did I say that it was okay for people to steal stuff? Did you even read my comment?

    As for the other stuff, well, I disagree. If you keep the fans satisfied, when people steal images/video, the fans will be more likely to stick behind Summit, turn against the thieves, and not distribute the property. Sure, there are always jerks out there, but generally, I feel that if Summit had given fans more, the stolen pics would’ve had less of an effect.

    • missjuju says:

      Ugh, that is a response to Joshua’s response. Apparently my smartphone isn’t that smart.

      • I never meant that you agreed to stealing, and yes I did read your response. 🙂 My reply to your post simply meant, even if Summit would release a steady stream of information, it wouldn’t stop people who are determined to steal material from doing so. In reality, those who are stealing stuff and posting it, might not be “fans” at all, but folks who simply want to give Summit trouble.

        I said it once, and I’ll say it again. I think Summit has been more than fair to Twilight fans. For the most part they’ve been pretty open about their filming locations and such. Fans have been welcomed and were allowed to be near the sets, while obviously not on them. Most studios film ONLY in secrecy. Some of you may not be old enough to know this, but back in the 80’s, Star Wars was so huge, that Fox filmed Return of the Jedi with the name, “Blue Harvest”. Fans weren’t allowed ANYWHERE near the set, and the locations were kept almost FBI-way secret.

        Summit hasn’t been that way. While they have been more secure about Breaking Dawn than any other of Twilight films, they’ve still been very accomindating. In short, cut Summit some slack…

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