The Making of a Parody: Behind the Scenes With Hillywood

We’ve had the opportunity to get to know the whole crew over at The Hillywood Show. The work that they put into their parodies is amazing, with attention to detail that is second to none. We’ve actually seen them discussing how the buttons on a certain costume had to be adjusted to be exactly right.

Because the production value of their videos is so high, people aren’t often aware of a number of things:

  • The Hillywood Show isn’t funded or sponsored by any organization. Anything they do comes out of their own pockets. Their chief source of fundraising is the tee shirts, photos, etc. that they sell on the convention circuit.
  • They do everything with ONE… that’s right…ONE camera. So all those varied camera angles you see in their videos are the result of multiple takes since they can only shoot one angle at a time.
  • Hannah does most of the directing and shooting when not appearing in videos ( Papa Hillywood takes over camera duties when Hannah and Hillary are on screen at the same time). Hillary does most of the editing. They don’t have a huge post production studio. They have a MAC.
  • Their costumes are designed and made by their grandmother(who has worked for years in the costume departments for Las Vegas casinos) and recently John Henson( the Twilight costume collector) has also helped with the designs.
  • All performers in their videos are volunteers. They are not paid an appearance fee for their services. Their crew consists of Hannah, Hillary, Mom Hillywood, Dad Hillywood, Grandma Hillywood with sometimes assistance of family friends like Drew. That’s it! There is no large staff. For the most part it is a two person operation taking care of most of the details.
  • Many of the locations they use are the result of people allowing them to film their for free because they believe in their work.
  • So please check out this behind the scenes look at what the Eclipse parody was like at the Caesar’s Palace location. In the first video they battle heat and wigs that won’t stay put. The second is our favorite as the crew battles wind and a fog machine that won’t cooperate!