Our Bieber Theme Song!

Sing along with us!


I thought love was only true in Vampire Movies
Meant for just KStew but not for me.
His hair was out to get me
That’s the way it seemed
Rob’s porn hair haunted all my dreams

Then I saw his hair
Now I’m into Bieber
Not a trace of Rob on my mind
I’m in love I’m into Bieber
Cured of Rob fever For all time

I thought Rob’s hair was more or less a forever thing
The more he fussed the more I swooned oh yeah
Then he got this movie
And he changed his hair
When I wanted bed head it’s not there

Cause he cut his hair
Now I’m into Bieber
Not a trace of Rob on my mind
I’m in love I’m into Bieber
Cured of Rob fever For all time

I’m no longer Robsessed
That phase got blasted
One flip of his hair
And I’m Biebergasted!

Then I saw his hair
Now I’m into Bieber
Not a trace of Rob on my mind
I’m in love I’m into Bieber
Cured of Rob fever For all time!


  1. Wraithe says:

    LMFAO! I am actually singing it! I live in New Zealand…And its Friday. And Glee was just on. It was the Justin Beiber episode…It all fits so nicely! You guys couldn’t have picked a more annoying fan base to emulate! No offence to the Beiber fans out there. To each their own. 🙂

  2. Wraithe says:

    By the way. I love the Beiber rain happening on my screen. Awesome!

    • BloodSucking Leech says:

      Love the falling Beiber heads! You Lexie’s are hilarious! I must admit I forgot what day it was and I was like WTF when I saw my Lex alert covered in Beib! Awesome, but, uh, let’s not do this again okay?? 🙂

    • bieber rain is the best part of the joke! too funny!

  3. Sunny C says:

    Thanks, but no thanks. I’ve nothing against the Beens, just not a big fan. I prefer adults vs. Teens and think you jumped the shark on this move.
    Been nice knowing you. Laters

  4. I thought this was a Twilight Fan Site, not a Justin Beiber fan site. I could care less about Justin, I only want to see Twilight stories. I hope those raining Justins are only temporary! This was one of my favorite sites to go to, but if you’re going to put all this other crap that doesn’t belong with Twilight, I guess I’ll just check the other “TWILIGHT ONLY” fansites. (I’m sure Justin has plenty of his own fan sites.)

  5. Phoenixliv says:

    They even said it’s an April Fool’s joke and people are still freaking out … wow.

    These Beiber’s got me for a sec! I was all, “Hey is that Beiber? But why!? Ohhhhh hahaaa!”

    Good one!

  6. Catherine says:

    Haha I was scared for a few minutes but then I looked at the date. xD
    Happy April Fools Day to you too, Twilight Lexicon!

  7. ROFL, y’all had me fooled for about 5 seconds, until I remembered y’all always do something for april fools. My favorite so far I think, has to be between the twilight guy and volturi’s april fools.

  8. youngatheart57 says:

    Yuck!! I’ll be back on April 2! Do like the falling Biebers….cool, yet annoying, effect.

  9. Love it guys! You did a great job. Always fun to see what the Lex will do on April Fools.

  10. Jesus… I was scared this is was true!! O.o’ April 1…uffffffff!

  11. manywords says:

    Love this! Happy April Fools!

  12. twilightforevax says:

    this is a twilight fan baed site, not bieber. im so sick of hims. i dont care if this is an april fools joke. he is the joke!

  13. lmao, too bad bieber cut his hair off. BAHAHAHa


  15. Courtnay says:


  16. i hope this will be over tommorw or the justin bbier fan will take ove this site it will be a mess

  17. Not even if Rob shaved it bald as cue ball! EDWARD ALWAYS!

  18. What a perfect day for this. April Fools Day. A day for JOKES. Bieber IS a joke.

  19. Klarisa Childers says:

    ROFL! That one parts even funnier b/c ‘The Beibs’ cut his hair too! XD Oh the irony! Great April Fools joke guys!


  21. Bahaha I love you gals!! Happy April’s Fools day!!!

  22. Faith Galleon says:

    This is really getting annoying. All i can see is justin bieber!

  23. Cathy Banks says:

    I’m singing it now!!! That was sooo funny! Love you guys! Happy April fools day!

  24. Mary Masen says:

    You fooled me guys!!!
    seriously, when the website loaded i was like;
    This is a nightmare how can i have possibly logged in to BieberLexicon, last time i check it was TwilightLexicon!Maybe if i scroll down… phew!
    Happy April Fool’s Day!!!!

  25. LMAO great job! Horrible joke in a great way lol

  26. Mmm…. I still love rob- new haircut and all! Xoxo

    This song is sooo good it’s stuck in my head and I’ve been singing it all morning…lol

    OH and can you guys help me spread the word to wear BLUE today for Autistic Awareness Day?
    My 9 yr old son has an Autistic spectrum called Aspergers so I feel the more awareness out there the better chance Autistic children and adults will have to better their ways of living!!! TNX in advance for any help you guys can give!!!

  28. Sooo funny…loved it (even though I can’t stand all the Bieber fever)…but it was so creative!!!

  29. This is hilarious! But I will be ready for it to go back to normal tomorrow. And yes the falling beibers are awesome!

  30. What a terrible joke! I came to see my lovely vampires. Ha ha very funny!

  31. I hope this disappears really soon !!!!!

  32. Oh no i don’t want this site for justin bieber. I am now soo sad i want twilight back.

  33. I came onto thw site hoping for another good April Fools joke like you’ve done in the past. Worst. April. Fools. EVER. At leat you can get away from it if you go to older posts.

  34. lol I love it. I absolutely hate bieber…which makes this that much more hilarious.

  35. Relax, it’s April Fools.

  36. smitten_by_twilight says:

    OMG, I almost had a heart attack! I thought for sure the site had been hacked until I scrolled down to see the April Fool’s tag! Not sure if I think it’s funny (not a Bieber fan), but really, really effective … not just for me, apparently!

  37. Charlotte says:

    Good 1 Love your April Fools jokes they are always great. Can’t wait to see what you do next year!!!

  38. HAHAHAAHHAH!!! You just got to love this!! GO BIEBER!!<<3 HAHAHAHAH

  39. Cruel sick joke. Where is my Rob and Kristen/Edward and Bella????

  40. LMFAO! Wow, so many are over protective of their Rob lol. i thought this was funny, and I can’t stand Justin. Love the raining Justin heads, but can we get those in Rob as an apology for today. A day without him is not a day at all. lol

    PS, even though it’s just a joke, I’d like to point out that Justin cut his hair too, and he looks awful.

  41. Sorry dont like it , Rob is so much better looking then that kid . Im not a Bieber fan , thankfully neither is my daughter, we are however Rob & KStew fans!Nothing will ever top them.

  42. Brilliant ladies, really cheered up April Fools. The Beiber rain’s a genius touch

  43. somethingblue says:

    YAY! I just got back and logged on to find I have a new and more exciting job! I had SO been hoping I could work some events and PR for Beiber, my new love! YAYAYA! 😉

  44. I had a panic attack!!! I would die if that were true and justin bieber got a hair cut too Twilight forever <3

  45. Please, put that video away ! Justin Bieber is so lame 😛 Twilight is better than that self thinking Gay Bieber !

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