Not Part Of April Fools: Message From Summit Entertainment

We just received the following from Summit Entertainment regarding photos/footage from Breaking Dawn that was leaked onto the Internet yesterday and today.

Dear Twilight Saga fans,

As some of you may know, pictures and screen grabs of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn as a work in progress have leaked on the internet. We are extremely proud of this film and also extremely heartbroken to see it out there at this stage.

The film and these images are not yet ready or in their proper context. They were illegally obtained and their early dissemination is deeply upsetting to the actors, the filmmakers and Summit who are working so hard to bring these movies to fruition to you in November 2011 and November 2012.

Please, for those who are posting, stop. And please, though the temptation is high, don’t view or pass on these images. Wait for the film in its beautiful, finished entirety to thrill you.


Stephenie Meyer, Bill Condon, Wyck Godfrey and Summit Entertainment

We will not be posting the photos here. As per our usual policy regarding unauthorized items, links to the photos in comments will be deleted and the user banned.


  1. Brittany Clark says:

    Maybe i’ve just been oblivious, but is this the photos like the one with the hand and the honeymoon photo? 🙁 sadness!

    • Have we learned nothing from the midnight sun fiasco?

    • No, those were official stills. The scenes leaked were very graphic, sex in all types of positions, Edward holding the bloody baby with blood on his mouth, Bella on the op table all bloody, Edward rubbing Bella’s bloated stomach, J and B being protective of Ness, and E and B killing Aro. Lots of info, and someone better have gotten fired for the leak.


        • Agreed…although I don’t believe it’s Aro in the pic…

        • Tiffany says:

          im sorry but i disagree with you on the fact that the post should be deleted. i believe it should stay on here that way when people look at this site and read everything on here they would already know the descriptions of the things that were leaked and they dont need to pay any attention to them.

      • I saw them and there were no photos like that. Don’t lie, just makes it worse.

        • mschicklet says:

          Nope, I saw them too. KC is right 🙂

        • angel23 says:

          shes not lying and the bella on the table pic freaked me out wow this movie is going to be on another level i fell so bad for the actors and summit someone always has to ruin it i tryed not to look but i folded what can i say im weak when it comes to twilight

    • janelane says:

      i really don’t see how this ruins anything. if these photos somehow ruin the movie, then releasing any kind of trailer would do the same. i really think the studio did it anyway to drum up some drama, like they always do, just like kim kardashian, paris hilton, and pamela anderson “accidentally” released a s3x tape.

  2. jennifer says:

    This sucks & the people who do this suck. It just ruins it for the rest of us; like with Midnight Sun. Just think…if it hadn’t been leaked, we’d all have a full, finished version to read by now…

    Shame on whoever did this.

  3. I think the total lack of info is why people are going crazy on these. I didn’t want to look, but I was dying for something and did…they are everywhere! That said, they all focus on one part of the movie (mostly) so I don’t feel like it gave away too much.

    • I think Jodi has a point; it would have been really nice to get some more information from cast & crew — like mini-making-of-documentaries on the web, an interview with Mackenzie, anything.

      Do NOT bother looking at the photos; I saw a few of them accidentally and the quality is terrible — totally not worth losing two years of Twilight joy and anticipation.

      I don’t think that it is the Twilight fan sites that are posting the photos; it’s the low-level gossip sites. 🙁

  4. I just can’t stop myself from looking at them! If summit would feed us at least a few sneak peaks, I might not be so tempted. lol But I am sad that the dress got leaked. I wouldn’t have looked at that. It just popped up on a site with the rest of the pics. 🙁

    • I agree, but the pic I saw was so tiny I really couldn’t see anything…

    • jennifer says:

      THEY LEAKED THE DRESS????? NOOOOO!!!!! That’s terrible… I’m sure Stephenie Meyer is REALLY disappointed about that after reading what she said in the USA Today interview. How sad.

      I’m not going to go find them. Of course, I’ve been disappointed in all the movies so far so it probably really doesn’t matter. It’s just the principle of the thing now.

    • Brittany says:

      It’s called “self control” 😛
      If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t look.

      • I didn’t mind the other pics. Nobody had mentioned the wedding dress. I just went back to the same page to see the other pics and it was there. If I would have known, I wouldn’t have looked at that.

        • Exactly. From the interview with SM I figured the dress wasn’t filmed yet, so I really thought there was no chance it would be in there.

  5. What ever happened to good old fashioned patience? The anticipation is part of the fun.

  6. MeyaRose says:

    I’ve seen them, and to be honest, what Summit says is right, its much more enjoyable to see the film in its entirety when it comes out than see foggy images that have green screen and haven’t been perfected.

  7. rhiannon says:

    i tried not to look!!! i really really did! but someone said vampire sex and i caved!! i am so ashamed!!

  8. Jen Gambale says:

    I agree with Summit. I want to see the movie in its entirety and not be spoiled. I tied up the fangirl inside me and locked her in a room at the very back of my head. I’m glad and proud that I managed not to look at those pictures. x3

    • Vampire-girl says:

      Jen I loved your comment about tying up your fangirl within. I agree I have not looked as I don’t want to be spoilt especially with low quality pics I will just wait for official trailers to be released and I really hope they don’t show Bella as vampire in posters as it would be nice to keep that as a surprise, even though we all kinda know what she will look like in our heads.

  9. Chernaudi says:

    As much as I agree with Summit on principal, they should protect their work better if they want to get serious about leaks they don’t want. Granted, Stephenie getting her Email hacked wasn’t something expected, but then there was the Rio stuff.

    Adding security and getting people to sign waivers will only go so far until they vigilant.

    Ironically, Audi Sport and Audi AG have had the Audi R18 TDI racing car out in public view, and I only know about as much about it as I do about Breaking Dawn and it’s filming. And the R18 has been seen by the public and have even had (authorized) public snoops taking photos and video and getting close enough to touch the car, and I know very little about the technical aspects of it, and the few people who really know something aren’t talking.

    Maybe Summit can take some lessons from Audi Sport and be on the phone to Wolfgang Ullrich to learn about how Audi has kept certian things about the R18 secret, and that’s only partly and April fool!

  10. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    Thank you again, Lexicon, for being my #1 go-to Twilight site. I can always count on you to keep me spoiler free and away from illegal photos, etc. And a great laugh (Bieber). 🙂 Keep up the great work! It is GREATLY appreciated.

  11. Thanks, Twilight Lexicon for taking the high road. I appreciate that I will never see spoilers (even legal ones) without a warning on this site.

    • I don’t understand why people will do this, what is the gain? Where do they receive the product? I hope the leaker is found out and prosecuted…AND, those of you who find these online and send them to your friends, are also guilty. This is stolen, very valuable property so do what your concience tells you to do. Leave it where you found it.

  12. I hate when people do this! I like the suspense of waiting to see the movies in their entirety. I hope someone is punished for this. I still have not read Midnight Sun because I refuse to read things that were not meant to be. Can’t wait for the movie this year!!! 🙂

  13. i just found out about this right now (i haven’t been on the computer for a couple of days) and i’m not going to even try looking for those photos especially if it has B and E sex, and the wedding dress. i feel sorry for the people that didn’t know and accidentally saw the pics. I’m being strong and going to wait out those 231 days until BD part 1.

  14. Ugh. This makes me sick to my stomach! As much as I would love a little teaser before the movie, I’m not going to look. The thing is, if this stuff starts happening, we probably aren’t going to get much more from Bill Condon, i.e. the honeymoon photo, xmas at Charlie’s house, etc. Playing devils’ advocate, however, with a movie this big, with this much anticipation, Summit and all those involved can’t be too terribly surprised that this kind of thing happens. Regardless, it is illegal, and it doesn’t do anything good for the fans. All that being said, I can’t wait until November! I know it will be worth the wait!

  15. they leaked the dress too wow. I did not see the dress I am guilty for looking at the pics but they were every where on the internet as far as the dress is concerned I can wait till the movie

  16. mschicklet says:


  17. Danielle says:

    Is April fools over yet? These floating Beber heads gotta go!

  18. I am not looking at all, and i agree with alot of people for not looking, i would love to look but i dont want to be spoiled, I would love some photos for posters and such, that would keep me happy for a while

  19. I tried SO SO SO SO hard not to look!! But I just couldn’t do it! I had too!!! But then once I saw how much it exposed I stopped! I always do that with these movies, watch all the little clips released and trailers over and over by the time I get to the movie I’ve already seen damn near half of it!!! I’m not doing that for BD!

  20. ohhhh what a shame…gosh people NEVER learn from mistakes now do they!! seriously this is ONLY going to put off Stephenie more to write Midnight Sun u’ll see..i swear i haven’t read the draft on her website ONLY because i know the FULL AND FINAL version is going to be the best and we shouldnt invade other people’s property!!! i mean like DUUHHH…thats what our parents taught us since we were 5! right?!?!?!

  21. alwaysedward says:

    You know, for once, I’m not going to look!!

  22. At no time has anything leaked ever stopped me from attending a convention, buying the companion movie guys, books, mags about everything Twilight, or seeing each movie over 30 times or buying every version of the DVD for each movie or stop me from lining up at 12am then going to see it later that day two or three times. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!

    I saw every pic including the wedding dress ones and the brief honeymoon video and I say: SO WHAT!

    I’m going to see Breaking Dawn 50 times, buy the DVD of every version, tee shirts, books, pins, go to the conventions etc…

    I understand an artist wanting the people to see the finished product and you know what? This will make it even better. I also believe it allows them to maybe put in racier cuts because the parents would know what’s going to be in it.

    Breaking Dawn was the most controversial book because of the sexual content. I think this will help calm down the parents passions later because now they know what’s possible. However, it will allow us more mature people to appreciate the relationship more as adults.

    This is not a bad thing for Summit. Everyone’s talking about it and it’s peaked the interest of non Twilight fans as well that maybe this won’t be just be some teen thing. I think there’s nothing negative. This wasn’t the movie. This wasn’t the final edit. This isn’t a “Wolverine” situation.

    Pictures have been leaked before. So what! We still went to the movie now didn’t we? It’s April, by July people will be talking about Potter will be forgotten by then. So big deal. Move on.

    There is not one true fan that has said they’re not going to see it. So Summit needs to stop worrying and work on securing their film.

    • mschicklet says:

      Agreed 🙂

    • It’s not about the money. It’s like you buying the perfect gift for someone and them opening it before they are supposed to. If they offered you money to make up for it, would that make it better?

  23. Well said ‘R’ I completely agree!!!! I’m gold classing, drives ins,buying, downloading, soundtracking, ituning every single thing about the movies anticipation is killing me as it is!!!! I’ve seen the pics- they were fabulous and I’m sorry, but well worth it.
    All though I was keen to take the highroad I failed. Have no self control at all!! But summit will profit from my madness, bigtime.

  24. It just sad.

  25. Well, I looked..Couldn’t help myself. I’ve read bd I don’t know how many times, so I know what’s gonna happen anyway..The pics I seen were excellent quality and all the pics mentioned here were leaked. I didn’t see the dress, though..I don’t think it ruined for me cuz I’ll watch the movie a hundred times anyway. I’m even more excited now to watch it! How did someone get pics that were obviously not hidden camera type pics anyway?

  26. I missed the leak yesterday and by the time I was able to get on the pic’s had been pulled. I had a couple people over on FB offering to show me the pic’s but still haven’t seen them.

  27. As much as I didn’t want to see the photos to ruin the “actual” BD movie I did see them, and I thought because of it being April Fools that they were all photo shopped…It wasn’t until Summit made their statement that I felt horrible and feel like I’ve broken a law or something…I want to see the film in it’s glorious beautiful way up on the big screen as we all take it in and see the wedding and birth of their beloved child.

    I sincerely hope that someone is found and fired for this leak….I was hoping it was either a sneak peak from Bill Condon or some really BAD April Fools Joke….someone and I do say a terrible someone has really messed things up. Now what if Stephanie decides to hold off on Midnight Sun all together? Or write a book on the “Imprint and repercussions” What if???? They may have ruined it for all of us….truly sad.

  28. Glad I didnt see the pics and I wont look for them either. I want these films to be a surprise for myself. If everyone is smart they will not do it either! 🙂

  29. My husband said they looked like screeners (people who screen to give feedback) clips. Guess they should have invited them to watch the clips under their noses instead of in privacy?

  30. This is a letter to the THIEF,
    Just think of what you have done! You have stolen from Stephenie the creator of this amazing Twilight universe!
    You have upset all the wonderful people working on bringing this movie to the big screen! Bill Condon who has been amazing in legally giving us some beautiful gorgeous photos!The actors who have put their hearts and souls into bringing the caracters to life. Summit Entertainment who took a chance on these movies in the first place!
    If someone mugged you, would you say you understood that they needed money? Why should any of these people understand or even let it go? They where MUGGED and no real FAN should look at the stolen goods.
    I hope you understand that all you did was to open all our Christmas presents and spoil the pleasure of living through the real thing unspoiled!

    From a Real Fan

  31. Twilight Nymph says:

    I have to admit those pictures were pretty graphic. I tried not to see them but with all the descriptions I caved. All I wonder is how in the world are they going to try and get a PG13 rating. Unless those were meant for when the DVD comes out, in other words unrated version.

  32. I just don’t understand why people won’t just wait for the movie?!! The wait is killing me too, but in my opinion, every photo I see (official or fan taken) just ruins it for me and makes the wait worse.

    I want to see the finished product and have it be new and exciting…I don’t want to say, “Oh yeah, I remember seeing this picture still 5 months ago!”.

    • Oh and I should add…this may be all fun and giggles to us as fans but this is someone’s form of art leaks of any kind are a form of viloation to the artist. Let me put it in context for our younger audience–if you were in the process of inventing something and your notes or drawings were leaked before you were ready to present it, how would that make you feel?

      Not everything is about money vs fandom excitement, it’s about right and wrong and personal ethics.

  33. If I had known the details of the leaked pictures I would not have looked. SIGH I saw things I really didn’t want to see until the movie, ie (birthing scene, protection of Nessie, wedding dress).
    Really regret seeing those picture, I feel like the film has been partially ruined.
    I blame no one but myself for my curiousity.

  34. I haven’t seen the pics, but only because they were taken down by the time I checked the fan sites. I’m glad I wasn’t tempted, because I so would have looked, even though it would be better to wait for the final product. Maybe if they would show us more than a handful of stills spread out over FIVE MONTHS we wouldn’t be so desperate! It’s a good thing the Guide comes out next week…

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