Wendell Pierce: Confirmed as a Human in Breaking Dawn

New York Magazine has an interview with Wendell Pierce. Wendell clarifies why he got involved with a Twilight Saga film.

You’re in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn later this year. What draws you to teen heartthrob vampire movies?
I never thought I’d get to the point where I’d be one of those actors who says, “I did this for my kids,” but I really did. I have some teenage nieces and a nephew, and they never get to see anything I do. “Yeah, you did The Wire, and I see you in Treme”; and, “Yeah, you guys won the Peabody, that’s nice and that’s cool.” When they found out I was in Twilight, oh my God. “Uncle Wendell’s in Twilight!”

What’s your role?
I am actually a human. I’m not a werewolf; I’m not a vampire. I’m a human.

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We still have no idea who he plays. Guesses anyone?



  1. The priest. haha. That sounds so bad.

  2. I’m thinking Max –

  3. Tylers dad, at the wedding maybe?

  4. Kim Hofsiss says:

    Maybe, what’s his name, the guy on the porch when Bella goes to Seattle to see the lawyer?

  5. Jenks??

  6. I would say J Jenks or his helper guy (Max? Can’t remember his name.) This is so annoying I wish Summit would five us confirmation on some of these actors & the roles they are playing!

  7. smitten_by_twilight says:

    I’m hoping for J Jenks, but Tyler’s dad is a great guess. He doesn’t match up with my image of Max, and it would be a big departure to have him marry Bella and Edward, as in the book they are married by Angela’s dad (a reverend, not a priest). He looks like a great match for J Jenks.

  8. Konstadina Konti says:

    that is just TO easy!he plays Jason Jenks!the description in the book fits!:)

  9. The preist is Angela’s father… if I remember correctly. He has to be J Jenks/Jason Scott, he fit’s the description =) good match, although we wont see him until Nov 2012 D:!!

  10. Jennifer says:

    I would say either J.Jenks or Max. That’s the only thing I could think of.

  11. He looks like a great J. Jenks.

  12. I’m guessing J Jenks

  13. Catherine says:

    J Jenks! Or maybe the guy who calls J…

  14. i would say j jenks as well

  15. I also Hope hes Jenks, he fits what I had imagined.

  16. Christine says:

    J. Jenkes for sure. He totally looks like the discriptionin the book. Did Stephenie even state his race in the book? I pictured this dude when I read it!

  17. J jenks!!!

  18. TwiMomGran says:

    The guy she sees in Seattle. The lawyer or the other guy.

  19. He could be someone like the cab driver on the way to the honeymoon?

  20. Voting for Max.

  21. he is j jenks

  22. I don’t keep up with the casting, but remembering the book: there are the guys she meets at the gas station. Then there’s a deputy at the wedding mentioned, the lawyer and his friend. Bella meets Jenks at a restaurant so maybe the maitre d’.

  23. I’m going with J. Jenks. Why would he be playing Tyler’s dad? Tyler hasn’t been in any of the movies since Twilight, why would he be in BD?

  24. Mary Masen says:

    J Jenks

  25. I’m thinking Jenks or Max

  26. Jenks or Max

  27. alwaysedward says:

    I was thinking Jenks right off and saw that most of you agree!

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