The Volvo: Breaking Dawn Style

As you all probably know, Edward’s Volvo in the Twilight movies is not the model mentioned in the books. The particular model is no longer being produced.  In general the fan reaction to the vehicle used in New Moon and Eclipse was not favorable on two fronts:

1) It was a dark grey that read as black on film instead of the bright silver mentioned in the novels

2) It was an SUV and not a sedan/sports car. Many fans started the cry, “Since when is Edward a soccer mom?”

Well it looks like we may just be in luck. Alison from Twifans was up in Vancouver last week and she managed to snag a series of pictures of what she believes is the Volvo model for Breaking Dawn.  In short, the sports car look is back folks!

There is a really good side by side comparison of the photo and the car as it appears on Volvo’s official site on TwiFans, along with the story of how they got the photos hoping for the best while driving down a public road.

According to Alison:

“We went to straight to the Volvo website and started comparing wheels, tail-lights, spoilers, and colors.  After an hour (or two) of dissecting the vehicle from top to bottom we concluded with certainty that Edward’s ‘Breaking Dawn’ Volvo is a S60 R-9 design series.” There is a great 360 view of the car on Volvo’s site.

You can find the full story of the adventure on TwiFans here. (at the moment it is requiring login, but that might be a temp glitch) They have changed their site requirements the login is now mandatory.



  1. I was wondering since they were unable to get the Volvo originally will they be able to get Bella’s pre wedding Mercedes Guardian? I know it more than likely will not have all the extras but can they at least have the model/color be the same.

    • Twilight_News says:

      Interestingly enough, in the books it is called The Guard (which does not actually exist. The Guardian is the closest thing to it. It will be interesting to see what direction they go in or if they skip that scene.

      • Oops, umm, it’s the other way around actually….in the books it is referred to as a Guardian, but in reality the closest thing to it is the Mercedes S-600 Guard (seen here:

      • It would not surprise me at all if MR skips that scene, since she has a penchant for altering things that would seem less than pro-feminisitic (ie. Bella’s “speech” at the end of Eclipse)…and Edward insisting on buying her a car seems like something MR would just leave out. Makes more sense that they’d just jump into the wedding planning/breaking the news to Charlie and Rene scenes from the book.

        • smitten_by_twilight says:

          That’s my favorite LOL scene, but I imagine they will cut it also. Too much extra stuff that’s not really essential to the plot. I doubt we will even see the Mercedes, since they would then have to spend time explaining it.

  2. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! This made my evening! :D:D Finallyyy the sports car. The color doesn’t matter any more, I’ve seen that model in my neighborhood and it is SUPER COOL! Perfect for Edward <3 Bill Condon, SUPER THANKS!!!

  3. That’s a beautiful car ! Finally something right !

  4. Cannot believe all tha effort to get the rightish model and then they still go for black Volvo have plenty of silver in their range and a bronze colour called twilight! We have a silver c30 like the first film (he’s called Edward) and a c70 in silver (called Jacob because he’s a shape shifting convertible lol)

  5. Monster30 says:

    This version is definately better than the SUV used in New Moon & Eclipse but to be honest I preferred the sports coupe used in the first film. I know that was not the original model from the books either, but I just felt that it suited Edward’s character so much more..

    Can’t wait for Breaking Dawn!!!!! Yayyy..

  6. i agree 100% i liked the first car

  7. smitten_by_twilight says:

    I like the first car too, and the color on this looks wrong, but that is still one HOT car.


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