Movie Mazzupial Talks to Jodelle Ferland About Twilight and the Future

jodelleBreeBurnJodelle Ferland was in Australia for their SuperNova Convention and Movie Mazzupial caught up with her:

MM: (Laughs) Okay, thanks, that makes me feel a bit better. Now, straight to it; tell me about your experience working on Eclipse. That set that shoot must have been incredible?

JK: It was absolutely amazing, I was so shocked when I found out I got the part. Oh my gosh, I couldn’t believe I got to be a part of this amazing series of movies. On set it was so unreal seeing all the actors who you forget are real people because you’re so used to seeing them on posters and in magazines everyday. But they were all such nice people and so down to Earth.

MM: Once you got the role of Bree, did you have any idea just how coveted that character was and how much people wanted to be a part of the film?

JK: Wow, if everybody wanted it as badly as I did then a lot of people were disappointed. I wanted it pretty badly and honestly, I didn’t think I would get it. I try not get my hopes up, especially for something as big at that. Only the first movie had come out at that point (when I got the part) and I had just finished reading the last book and thought they were amazing, Stephenie Meyer is great writer.”

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