Lykke Li: Grateful For the Twilight Connection

Lykke Li is promoting her new album called Wounded Rhymes. She mentioned her New Moon soundtrack experience.

“I’m a very melancholic kind of person,” she says. “I don’t know why, I think certain people are born a certain way. There’s more discomfort being an old soul or a person who questions a lot of things. I’m young, but I’m old. It’s a part of who I am and the reason why I’m here, too.”

Li says she didn’t necessarily understand the Twilight phenomenon, but she was grateful for the opportunity to influence young listeners watching the films.

“[Twilight has] die-hard fans — all these young people still believing in love and being romantic. I really identify with that. I remember watching films in my teenage years, and you’d be in love with Leonardo DiCaprio and then a song would come on. You’d love that song forever; it changed your life.”

Asked what Wounded Rhymes will mean to her when she listens back to it, the self-described old soul thinks it will serve as a reminder of her growing pains.

“I’m going to be like Benjamin Button; I’m just going to grow younger. I will probably be happy, fat, with kids and looking back and thinking, I was such a angry young woman. It’s the dark years before I kind of understood that life is hard, but it’s always beautiful.”

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  1. That is so profound and I agree with her.

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