Twilight Fan’s Visit to the Vancouver Sets

Twilight fan and Lexicon reader Lisa traveled to Vancouver to check out the filming locations. She was there the day the cast was filming in a theater in downtown Vancouver. Speculation was that it was a flashback scene of Edward’s being shot in the theater. Judging by the costumes the extras are wearing, the time appears to be the late 1920’s-1930’s. A big thank you to Lisa for sharing her pictures and her report!

6 Twi-moms
4 Days
1 Goal

My very good friends and I traveled to Vancouver to see anything we could Twilight.  Of course our main goal was to try and see Robert Pattinson…but we would settle for anything Twilight.  On Sunday we went on a tour with Amy from Vancouver Set Tours (highly recommend!) and it was great.  We saw Bella’s house, Jacob’s house (where some overzealous fans upset the owner and called the cops!), The Cottage and the breakup location.  It was so cool to be standing right in the spot where “they” stood.

We knew they were filming at the Orpheum Theater on Monday, March 14 and thought this was our chance.  On Sunday evening we saw posts and tweets and blogs about “signs going up” at the theater.  It probably around 10 pm and we were only a few blocks away, so we grabbed our coats and our cameras and headed out.  At first we thought it was a bust as the Orpheum Theater has an older entrance and a newer entrance around the block. At the older entrance we found nothing but luckily we kept walking  and then we saw all the white trailers and trucks and security and knew we found the right place.  We walked along the street and came across a cone that said “TSBD”.  I have never been so happy to see those initials.  We took pictures of the cone and did a happy dance right there in the street.

Early Monday morning we were highly motivated so we got up, got ready and left the hotel at 5:00 a.m.  Everything we saw posted said the call time was 5:30 a.m. so we couldn’t be late.  We found a spot right in front along with about 4 other Twilight fans and settled in with our umbrellas, and coats, and gloves, and cameras and staked out our spots.  It was freezing but we were determined.  The extras started to arrive, the catering was brought in, make-up people arrived…it was all very exciting to see a movie in production and to be that close.  About an hour later we were all told we could not stand in front of the theater and needed to move.  So we walked around to scope out the best location.  About an hour later a security guard crossed the street to talk to the fans, ask us questions…distract us maybe.  One of my friends realized the distraction and we walked passed him around to the alleyway to see what they might be hiding.  We saw a white SUV at the back door entrance in the alley right up to an open door.  This was it.  This was where they would be dropping him off.  We decided this was a dry run to check out the route and planted our feet and were not leaving until we saw a certain someone arrive.

A little about me – I’m just a mom, a huge Twilight fan, who happens to have a camera with a pretty long zoom lens because I like to take pictures of my son at his baseball games.  Apparently the security around the building thought I was some paparazzi or something because they kept pointing at me, looking at me, and talking about me.  Never mind that I have a flowery green and white camera strap and was wearing bright pink gloves.  That screams paparazzi, right?

It was all so exciting.  The action, the people, the planning, the execution.  Even though there are a handful of people on the screen the amount involved is incredible. Later a few extras would come out for smoke breaks in costume.  They were dressed in 20’s period costume and when approached told everyone “cannot say anything, confidentially agreement”.  Had to try, right?  I cannot tell you how many white vans drove up delivering things – maybe just one box (we would shout “the green box has arrived!”), one person, one person with lots of coffees, food, etc. And we saw racks of costumes being brought inside.

The security around the theater (especially by us) had huge umbrellas and we knew when “they” arrived the umbrellas would come out blocking any view.  One nice and friendly security guard actually told us that we won’t see anything because “we are very good at our jobs”.  But again, we had to try.

We are determined women because when the septic waste truck came to where we were standing to…do its job…we did not leave.  I think we stood there for about 45 minutes with the loud engine, the smells, oh the smells, but we were not giving up our post.  I could have kissed them when they finally left I was so happy.

It was around 9:30 a.m. and my 5 friends decided it was time to eat.  They look at me and informed me of their plan and I just looked at them and said “…..I cannot leave….”.  So they went across the street where it was warm and dry and I stayed at my post.  I was hungry and cold but I just couldn’t dare miss a thing.

So it’s about 10:15 a.m. and I’ve been watching the area and the security for about 5 hours at this point so when something changed – I knew it.  A delivery truck drove down the alley and then a van blocked the alley entrance, then all the security guards moved to new locations with their umbrellas open.  I looked back down the alley and there was the white SUV, doors open, umbrellas blocking everything.  So I took what pictures that I could and really hoped that I caught something.  There was a van moving to block me (it took about 4 times of back and forth before I caught on the van was moving because of me) as I moved even 5 feet for a better view.  Then the doors shut and it was over.  Everyone went back to their posts like nothing had happened.  So while I didn’t see anyone really, I was able to get the pictures that some fans are talking about on videos.  And not matter how small it is – I’m taking it!

So the security guards are really good at their jobs, some are friendly (some are not), and we saw some cool movie stuff happening.  Even though we didn’t see Rob during our trip – I feel it was a fantastic Twilight trip.


  1. Judy Bradley says

    That sounds so fun! I would love to go there while the filming is being done – may be over now. I am still chastising myself for not driving to Baton Rouge while they were there. Darn that old lack of $$ thing! lol I have been fortunate enough to go to Forks twice for Stephenie Day (on Bella’s BD)and really hope to go again this year, but money is tight and prices are up even worse. I don’t have any Twi pals here willing to go places or really be as crazy as me, but I still love it!

    • Hey! I don’t know if you remember me, but I was one of those other fans waiting outside the Orpheum Theatre in hopes to catch a glimpse of Rob! I was the girl from Texas 🙂 I always wondered if y’all were able to see anything! I bet someone important was getting out of the van when those security guards moved from their post …. So cool!!

  2. Awesome account; thank u for sharing and for being so patient!

  3. L. Woodhead says

    Think yourselves lucky, at least you are in the same country and can at least try to get to see HIM! I live in the UK and even though he’s from here we seem to have lost him to the USA:-(

  4. My kind of woman! lol I use to do that for my daughter to see new kids on the block… lol It was totally worth it and I wish I had been there with you!

  5. the cottage is perfect!!!

  6. Thanks for sharing your experience, it’s amazing how dedicated and patient you were! I LOVE this fandom for this reason…we’re all so passionate about Twilight.

  7. smitten_by_twilight says

    Thanks so much for your account and for your willingness to starve for a cause! Wish I could have been there!

  8. First of all, when in the books does Edward get shot in a theatre? Second, do the stalker tendencies of this person not bother anyone? She clearly knew that she was not supposed to be here, security would not let her see anything yet she continued to try to violate the “no-fly zone.” Even when it became clear that people were making a concerted effort to block her, she continued to push herself where she wasn’t supposed to go.

    I have a problem with fans like that and paparazzi. They are a distraction and a hinderance to these people who are just trying to do their jobs. In fact I find it ironic that she doesn’t think of herself as a paparazzo, yet she was displaying the exact same behavior.

    • Things get added to movies all the time. Why is everyone so surprised when they add news scenes to add more to certain backgrounds. I’m sure Stephenie Meyer knows about it. And Paps are rude and will do anything for the money shot however good fans are there because they love them and the project. Same behavior ? Please ! You need to watch more pap videos compared to fans who ask nicely and are patient. Yes not all fans are perfect.

    • Twilight_News says

      We would not have run the story if she in any way had violated any laws. She was standing on public property behind established barriers as 100’s if not 1000’s have done before on Twilight sets. She did not trespass and moved when they moved a security line. She was not a nuisance to the production team. She did not run down teh alley break the barrier and get in anyone’s face.Were she in violation, the local authorizes would have had her arrested. We also would not have run the story.

      The only thing that sets her photos apart is that she has a camera that is better than what most people carry.

      • Sorry for the confusion. The watermark on the photos is a little misleading.

        • Twilight_News says

          Ah, I see where you are coming from. It’s about 50/50 what we get that is watermarked and not. Our stuff that we take we tend not to watermark(mostly just because we can’t be bothered to take the time to ), but others do. Although after watching a media site ripoff a recent set of pictures with no credit given, i’m starting to reconsider that. Lots of folks do mark in some way with twitter, website, or facebook monikers so if people share without linking they get credit. It’s not persay the moniker of a professional photographer

    • To address your first comment-I don’t think they meant to say Edward gets shot in the theater. I think they meant a flashback scene of Edward’s is being shot (filmed) in the theater. That’s what I thought at first but once I re-read the sentence a couple times I got it. Lex admins if you’re reading this, can you confirm that?

      • Yes we meant shot as in filmed not as in attacked. Though given we are talking flashback I do suppose guns are possible. Young vampire Edward is an open book he certainly could have been shot at…not that anything would have happened 🙂

    • Kathryn, you are absolutely correct! She and her friends are the very reason security needs to be so tight surrounding these actors. Apparently, they have no qualms invading the privacy of the actors. If the shoe were on the other foot and there were six men standing outside her house on the public area across the street, and took piotures every time she stepped out of her house, she’d have the authorities there in no time.

      And to the pesky invaders…

      Stop harassing these poor actors. Let them do their jobs and live their lives without having to worry you are going to be there to snap pictures of them every time they turn around. And I do not want to hear that ridiculous argument about them being public figures. When they chose to act as their profession, no one said they would lose all their privacy and be mobbed every time they go outside. Shame on you ladies!

  9. I am addressing Kathryn’s comments. First of all, sometimes the screenplay doesn’t match the books. Who knows how this particular filming will be edited for the movie. Second, I am one of Lisa’s friends that was with her in Vancouver waiting to see something. I’d like to clarify we were on public property and not violating any “no fly zone”. We were respectful of the security and they were respectful of us, even joking around with each other.

    Kathryn, you say you “have a problem with fans like that”, but am I correct to assume that since you are commenting on this fandom sight, that you enjoy seeing what you normally wouldn’t otherwise see? How do you think these pictures come to fruition? It’s dedicated fans that get the pictures! I’m sure that there are people who cross the line, but you might want to think about the hypocrisy in your words before you unleash your judgement.

    • First, I don’t see what visiting the Lexicon site has to do with invasive, overzealous fans taking pictures. The Lexicon usually does a very good job of keeping the wackos’ stuff off of the website, so I’m not sure why you have a problem with that. This instance, for me anyway, is just toeing the line a little. I enjoy seeing legitimate pictures that are taken by fans who are kind and respectful enough to realize when they are being overly persistent and problematic. I don’t like seeing pictures from fans who are obsessive (not necessarily in this case) and pushy to the point where security has to make an extra effort to protect the privacy of their employers. Yes, that is their jobs, but there is no need for a gracious, albeit excited, fan to make it more difficult. From the article, it seemed like that is what this fan was doing:

      “There was a van moving to block me (it took about 4 times of back and forth before I caught on the van was moving because of me) as I moved even 5 feet for a better view.”

      That’s what upset me. Security is clearly making a concerted effort to block you, yet you keep being persistent? Know when to back off and let these people do their jobs. They obviously don’t want you seeing or taking pictures of anything so stop. Up until that point I was enjoying the article: a legitimate fan tour; scouting a filming location; etc. I’ve done those things. But the bit with the van, to me, seemed pushy and paparazzi-esque. Maybe it’s just the way the report was worded. If that is the case, then I apologize if I upset anyone.

  10. So is Twilight Lexicon going to retract all its negative comments about Vancouver/Canada lack of security for cast, invasion of privacy etc? I think this fans report CLEARLY shows that the crews of Vancouver are doing a stand up job. This is EXACTLY why I have been angry at Lexicon in the past for trashing Vancouver, because they couldn’t be further from the truth about the effort we are making!!!

    • Twilight_News says

      Look you seem to have gotten it into your head that we have trashed Vancouver and the crew. We haven’t. the only thing we have ever commented on is that unlike Louisiana, there is an embeded corp of photographers and paparazzi which in the past has made the casts’ personal lives more difficult and disrupted shooting by buzzing the set in a helicopter. The cast had trouble going out to dinner and they resorted to always eating in.

      In Louisiana, the cast including Rob, Kristen, and Taylor walked freely often bodyguardless in Louisiana. Rob routinely jogged and biked along the reservoir. No one followed them, threw cameras two inches in their face and tweeted their every whereabout. The bounty on “robsten” shots didn’t stop for the months they were in Louisiana, just there wasn’t a local corp dedicated to taking them.

      Are the local Vancity photogs/paps reflective of the fans/crew in Vancouver as a whole? No. But they are what they are. They exist and their past antics are well documented.

      The negative Vancouver spin is a figment of your imagination. We love Vancouver and its people. We’ve been there twice and count among our friends several Vancouver natives.

  11. You are so lucky! I am jealous. Thanks for sharing!

  12. RockinRobbin says

    The only thing about this deal that bothers me is the ‘theatre shot’ added on. They said the BD was soooooooo long that they had to break it into two movies, and then, turn around and add crap that isn’t even in the book? Seems like there was plenty of material in BD to cover 4 hours without making up storylines that had nothing to do with the original. JMO.

  13. Hi, I was just reading this article and it made me chuckle a bit, because I live in a small town outside of Vancouver where they are doing much of the filming and where the actors are staying right now. I met Rob and Kristen last week at the local movie theatre where my husband works. I am a ridiculously fanatic Twi-hard, and I was so excited to meet them! Kristen was a little reluctant but Rob was a sweetheart! They signed my white cover copy of ‘Twilight’ (Rob was impressed I had the UK edition!) and played with my dogs who I had also brought to the theatre. I didn’t get a picture, because they were already a little reluctant. Anyway I feel bad for the reporter not being able to meet him, cause he was really nice. I’m still waiting for Taylor Lautner to show up at the theatre, so I can get his autograph too!

    • BTW, in response to Vancouver having many paparazzi type people around, alot of the filming near where I live has had none of that! The stars are out all the time with no security, Taylor has been spotted many times jogging around town and I have seen no paparazzi. I have also heard many stars LOVE coming to Canada because they can live normal lives here, some have even moved here permanently!

      • charlotte says

        Suzqdw, AMEN sister. Lexicon is not here, therefore they have no real bearing on what it is like with the photags. They just take everything that they hear off Twitter as fact when it is just a bunch of drama queen squabblers. Please keep spreading YOUR message Suzqdw because the message that Lexicon sends out about paps residing in Vancouver in droves is FALSE and may have a negative attitude not only on crew here but for productions concerned about their safety.

        • Twilight_News says

          Pursuit 23
          and at least 4 more all Vancouver based, at least two of those have been taken to court within the last two years for aggressive tactics.

          One of the above rented the helicopter that buzzed the Eclispe set

          One of the above took the video where he ran after Rob and Kristen and was in an elevator with them with a camera in their face

          Two of them harassed the 13-year-old whose aunt shared with her photos taken of Rob near her house

          There is plenty of video from the last two movies where the cast was up there for months of the cast being hounded. It’s not like we pulled this out of thin air.

          Here’s the perspective of a guy who don’t get photos so much as he does autographs

          Is it a total nightmare? No. But it’s not all no problem for the cast and crew as you would suggest.

          • My uncle has served 20+ years as a film set security guard, before that he was RCMP. One of his gigs is on Twilight Saga. And me? I am part of EPK crew that shoots many features and TV sets, one being you guessed it TWILIGHT SAGA. I have been on set with the crew and cast and I can TELL YOU that there are only two people of any interest to us that are Vancouver based. Both are on Twitter, you know them, you’ve mentioned them. One is Punk’d and that is a LOS ANGELES BASED COMPANY. The other person is Christine and she is certifiably crazy. Rik at Punk’d is the one that hired a helicopter, for his LA BASED COMPANY.

            YOUR perspective is that it is Vancouver paps getting in the way, but one of the Blog posts you posted by ‘Canadagraphs’ states there was 20+ paps from OUT OF TOWN HOUNDING THE CAST. You once said to me, ‘it is the Vancouver paps that are the problem, there are no Los Angeles paps that come to Vancouver, and if they did surely they would go to Louisiana as well’. NO, they wouldn’t because Louisiana doesn’t have productions by the hundreds like they have in Van. Los Angeles paps come here to get bang for their buck. They don’t get that in Louisiana.

  14. Well I can’t speak for their experiences while filming in Vancouver, cause I don’t live in Vancouver. I live an hour and a half north of Vancouver, in a town with 16000 people, while Vancouver has several million in population. I’m sure in a major metropolitan city such as Vancouver the likelihood of the stars being hounded by fanatics will increase dramatically. I do find it hard to believe that they have had more trouble with paparazzi in a city like Vancouver then they have in a city like LA! Canadians as a general rule are not as impressed by fame as Americans seem to be, but obviously there are exceptions and mental illness is present in all levels of society. It just always bothers me when Americans start bashing Canada especially when most Americans are still ignorant enough to believe that most Canadians live in igloos! It sounds like based on the examples above, that there has only been four fanatical people in Canada ( who haven’t even been proven to be Canadian citizens BTW, just that they were here when the incidences occurred) and being that a great majority of the Twilight Saga have been filmed in BC that doesn’t sound so bad. BC and the rest of Canada has been the setting for a large percentage of Hollywood films, a fact that most Americans don’t even realize, because of the lower costs for filming. If Vancouver is so bad for Hollywood stars, why would they continue to come here year after year?!?!


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