Angela Sarafyan’s American Animal Debuts at SXSW

Angela Sarafyan who plays Tia in Breaking Dawn is at the SXSW Film Festival to promote her film American Animal. They have just released the trailer. (trailer below: warning it is not currently rated,but in our opinion it would be an R trailer for nudity, not work/school safe! ).

According to their press kit, this is the summary of the film:

“Jimmy is a terminally ill young man. He is also quite eccentric, bordering on plain old crazy, and starting today he has decided that he is ‘happy’ and no longer sick. Jimmy’s roommate James is a healthy, dreamy young man. They’re best friends. They live together. They don’t do much of anything and they seem very happy that way. Today, they have a couple of female friends over to their downtown Los Angeles loft for just another day of drinks, drugs, board games and casual sex, among other things. All seems well. But trouble arises when it gets revealed that James will be leaving for a new job in the morning. Jimmy, feeling betrayed, is not pleased by this development. He sees it as nothing short of the destruction of the perfect little world that they’ve set up, and a classic, humorous battle of wills ensues as James prepares for the real world and Jimmy falls deeper and deeper into his world of illness, isolation, madness and make-believe.”

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