Gil Birmingham at the Rango Premiere

Look for Gil at roughly the 5:00 mark


  1. Brandon Gardner says

    How exactly is this related to Twilight? You state in a previous article that “We are a Stephenie Meyer and Twilight fan site.” Your promoting other jobs that Gil Birmingham gets paid to do. Your always promoting other projects that the directors and actors do as a part of their employment. You never once promote the “crew” of any of the movies. Why is the “cast” more important? The people behind the camera are just as critical. You should stick to actual Twilight news, and not promote actors for doing something that they get paid to do. I mean they are doing their “jobs” when acting in Twilight films. Your focus on this website should be only Twilight news.

    • Twilight_News says

      Sorry to disillusion you but we’ve covered the costumers, make-up artists, special effect people, (just to name a few) multiple times.

      But then again this comment isn’t about Gil so much as we refused to promote your self-published vampire novel to the fandom.


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