We Love Writers, But Please Save Your Money!

This probably sounds like a really weird blog entry title, but we’ve been getting a bunch of unsolicited material and we don’t want people to waste their hard earned money doing something that won’t help them. We know a lot of sites are branching out into other YA titles. Kudos to those sites! We love to read. However, book blogging on other books  not something that we are going to be doing here.

We are a Stephenie Meyer and Twilight fan site. That’s always been our primary focus. Sometimes we have diverged,but there has always been a Twilight book or movie or Lexicon staffer connection. In our five years, we’ve only ever written a blog story about four authors other than Stephenie Meyer. Each of those authors had a very strong personal connection to Stephenie Meyer and/or and done some great service for the fans/Lexicon. It’s not that we don’t like other authors, far from it!  Just to name drop some current favorites: Deanna Raybourn, Stephanie Perkins, Myra McEntire, Jon Lewis, J.R. Ward, Elizabeth Eulberg.  It’s that we just don’t have time to do justice to anything else and well…we are what we are: a Twilight and Stephenie Meyer site.

So please! Don’t spend your hard earned money on sending us your books, movies, CD’s. Spend it where it will matter!  Check out book blogging sites that will fit your genre. Just to name a few:

Novel Novice

Eve’s Fan Garden

Maw Books

The Secret Life of a Bibliophile


  1. Thank you so much for including us in this list — we really appreciate it!!! (And we love you guys!!)

  2. Joshua L. Roberts says:

    I agree with the Lex. Like any other institution, people SHOULD ask before sending, submitting material. This way, as stated they aren’t wasting their money and burying Pel and Alphie in material at the same time. 🙂

  3. Word of advice for writers (from a published author) NEVER send unsolicited material. Ever. If you are looking for a publisher or agent (or a website to feature you) send them a LETTER that SELLS your work. My agent once told me that she gets 40 to 50 letters EVERY DAY from people who want her to represent her work. Write a great, personal query letter and then work on your proposal.

  4. You hit the nail on the head Darcy. I know my agent won’t read anything if she hasn’t requested it first. As you said… first write a great query letter, and then if they request it, send them your work. As Alphie and Pel have already stated there are a number of sites where people can post their novellas, fan fiction, and such and generate feedback.

    • Brandon Gardner says:

      Joshua you are incorrect about what you have posted here. Of the four links that were posted on here there is only one link that might work for self published authors. Also may I remind you that “published” and “self published” authors fit in the same category. Both are writers that managed to convey their imagination onto page. The days of traditional publishers are fixing to come to a close. Typically self published authors make more than a “published” author, and they retain creative rights and control over their content. I do agree that it is wrong to send unsolicited materials to someone. They should know better. One thing though don’t act like “published authors” are better than “self published authors”. We are all writers.

      Actually the best website for fan fiction or novellas is http://www.writerscafe.org. You can post any writings, and get feedback on your own writings before even thinking of publishing a book. It’s also a free service.

      • In what way was I incorrect? I mentioned that there are several websites that facilitate newbie writers, fan fiction writers, novella writers, and writers in general. I wasn’t even talking about the websites that Alphie and Pel posted… so I don’t know where you are coming from…

        Secondly nothing in any of my posts even suggested that a “Published Author” is better than a “Self-Published Author”… so again… I have no idea where you are coming from…

        So please take time to read what I’m actually saying before chopping my head off, as I haven’t said ANYTHING against self-publishing…

        • Brandon Gardner says:

          The following quote was written by you suggesting that about being a “Published Author” is better. “You hit the nail on the head Darcy. I know my agent won’t read anything if she hasn’t requested it first. As you said… first write a great query letter, and then if they request it, send them your work.” The words “agent” and “query letter” are a part of traditional publishing.

          I would have said instead that the writer should research what ever the best venue is for publishing their works. This article was written about writers sending unsolicited packages for promotion to the owners of Lexicon. I agree that people shouldn’t be sending unsolicited packages. I personally think book promoting should never include unsolicited materials, or spamming people is completely unacceptable. There are some great ways to market books without having to resort to this.

          • Again, I fail to see your point. My agent doesn’t accept unsolicited material…period. She works off recommendation only. So what I said is true. In fact, most agencies and publishers don’t accept unsolicited material. You, yourself agree with this. So what is your deal?

            The article on the Lex wasn’t about “Traditional Publishing” vs. “Publishing”… as you’ve clearly stated it was about submitting unsolicited material. Both Darcy and I are correct as you are. As we are all in agreement then, this case is closed.

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