Summit Entertainment Addresses Tsunami Concerns for Breaking Dawn Cast

Summit Entertainment addressed some confusion on how the Tsunami was affecting the Breaking Dawn cast. Various versions of what was happening with the cast started to emerge on Twitter and elsewhere. They released this brief statement on their official Facebook page in order to quell rumor and desensationalize the story as it related to their cast and crew:

“Due to the tsunami advisory, filming of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn has been delayed. All cast and crew were evacuated to the movie production’s base camp. Everyone is safe and sound.”

The cast and crew were filming in the Tofino area which is on the coast. It’s the same area where some of the cliff diving sequences were shot for New Moon. The cast was onsite when moved very early this morning local Pacific Time as a precaution.

Much of the West Coast of North and South America is/was under Tsunami advisory/warning. Additionally, it should be noted that LaPush is also under the same warning. Current thought (as we post this at 1:30 East Coast Time) is that they are not anticipating major damage in the area, but people along the coast should listen to local authorizes and abide by their directives as to what is considered “safe ground”.

Several cast members such as Peter Facinelli and Gil Birmingham took to their Twitters with prayers for the victims. Several organizations such as the Red Cross, Shelter Box, and others are reaching out.


  1. I live on the east coast of Vancouver Island, and I can confirm that there was no real damage done on the north or west parts of the island (the east coast was protected by mountains). As far as i’m aware, the water levels went up by about 1 metre in those areas and though there were evacuations, no one has been injured and there have been no reports of property damage.
    Thoughts and prayers go out to those in Japan.

  2. It was really a sad, unfortunate thing that happened to Japan. The worst part being it was so sudden and the destruction was on such a massive scale. Deepest sympathies to all the victims and their families. May God be with you.

  3. Gigi Cullen says:

    I was actually visiting LaPush beach when we got a call about the tsumani warning, it was cold rainy & very windy, Raw weather is what my husband called it. It seemed to fair well. I have a feeling they are quit used to that kind of weather. PS_ FORKS, WA rocks! bThe forest is amazing to say the least.


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