Next Movie: Why Nothing Is the Next Twilight

twilight-booksThis is probably one of the best articles that we have read in a long time. Next Movie combines some serious analysis and a tongue-in-cheek approach to why nothing out there right now is “The Next Twilight” or for that matter “The Next Harry Potter”. Their Oprah and Zuckerberg comparison is spot on. In fact we’re going to use their quote the next time someone asks us that “Next Twilight” question.

“Hollywood is all about finding the next hot thing, whether that’s a script, an actor, a director, a genre (vampires anyone?) or the ultimate discovery, a lucrative film series.

The seven “Harry Potter” movies have so far netted over $6 billion, while the first three installments of “The Twilight Saga” have earned just under $1.8 billion. That’s nearing “Oprah” money, people! (As opposed to “Potter,” which is nearing “Zuckerberg” money… but we’d rather be Oprah.)…

It seems like every other week we’re hearing buzz about some book being adapted for the big screen that its producers hope can be “The next ‘Twilight.'” News flash, producers: There’s only, and will only ever be, one “Twilight.”

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In our opinion, the biggest reason there isn’t a Next Twilight or Harry Potter yet, is that there is no book that has reached the epic level of midnight release and 1,000’s of people on line for an author signed copy of a book. Don’t get us wrong, things like The Hunger Games and The Mortal Instruments series have done well, but they aren’t at that Oprah and Zuckerberg level cited by Next Movie. Cassie Clare and Suzanne Collins can still walk the streets without press hounding them. When a book series hits that level of excitement ( and usually it takes 2-3 books for that to happen with more books in the series to come) then we will believe that we have “The Next Twilight”


  1. We hopefully have midnight sun to wait for to add to the collection, even more better if midnight sun was done for the full twilight saga then we would have edwards version next to bella’s,. but as for films and other books trying to be the next twilight you may as well give up now there’s only one twilight saga. stephenie meyer rules

    • Oh yes! Team Midnight Sun all the way. I would like a Volturi know.. “real vampires” *snort*

      I thought the Bree book was being considered as a project, that would be interesting plus we would probably get a third Victoria and get to see Demetri again.

  2. I agree with this just look at I Am Number Four, Red Riding Hood and Beastly ALL BOX OFFICE FAILURES ! It’s the books and people in the industry don’t get it ! And yea I like Hunger Games but Twilight is a different kind of machine.

    • The numbers haven’t come in yet for Red Riding Hood. So I wouldn’t call it a box office failure yet. Besides they’re banking on the Twilight crowd to go and see it,because our Ms. Hardwicke directed the first Twilight film. I agree with the article in stating that right now there isn’t another big thing to come along. For awhile Harry Potter didn’t have any competition and then Twilight hit and put him on the back burner somewhat. It will be awhile before another book series gets as much attention as Potter and Twilight. We’ll have to see whether it will be able to top these two huge series’.

      • Well ok it’s predicted to come in second this weekend but from reviews it won’t last long. I have friends who are Twilight fans that hated it and that says something about it’s longevity. Let me rephrase it will bomb after a week.

  3. the only other book turned into movie that may have a chance is The Host also done by Stephenie Meyer. I also read another vampyre story and its called House of Night by P.C. Cast those are my only other two movies that I would wait at midnight to watch. Im still waiting Stephenie’s sequels to The Host. But in all honesty I dont think Stephenie will ever finish Midnight Sun she was just hurt way too bad and thats a sad thought for us twihards.

  4. smitten_by_twilight says

    Why don’t they just say next hit? Or super massive hit? Nothing great is ever exactly duplicated. (Twilight is GREAT.)

  5. smitten_by_twilight says

    Why don’t they just say next hit? Or super massive hit? Nothing great is ever exactly duplicated.

  6. Twilight is nice,Harry Potter is AMAZING!

  7. Hunger Games to me has created some buzz about casting for the movie. I am not sure about it reaching Twilight proportions but to me this is the best chance out there as of now. If they cast the movie right and have good script faithful to the books, there could be a new influx of readers to this series (as with what happened w/ Twilight after the first movie).

  8. If it wasn’t for Twilight my favorite book would be the mortal instruments! Even after the movies Twilight will always be there until the end of time, people trying to make the ‘next twilight’… well all i’ll say is good luck. :/
    (i’m not the same Alexa as #6!!!!)

  9. Nothing can compete with Twilight because of Stephenie Meyer’s characters. She is HUGE on characterization and we all feel like we personally know Edward, Bella and Jacob. I am Number 4 fell flat on this. The Hunger Games did a pretty good job, but I feel like book 3 was sort of a bust for the series. Harry Potter is a different animal. But for Twilight… it’s all about the characters. Everyone jumped on this vampire craze thinking it would be a gold mine, but it’s not vampires we love… it’s the Cullens.

    • “Everyone jumped on this vampire craze thinking it would be a gold mine, but it’s not vampires we love… it’s the Cullens.”

      Hey there, speak for yourself! (wink wink…toothy grin)

  10. Although the Twilight series is great, I think there are plenty of other great series out there that I’d love to see made into movies. I’m really looking forward to the Mortal Instruments movie(s) and I enjoyed reading that series just as much as Twilight. I also like the House of Night series (the actual writing isn’t that great but the story is) and would love to see that made into a movie. You can’t really say there will be a next HP or next Twilight…each series is unique. Will there be other big movie hits based on books? Absolutely and I look forward to them. Twilight isn’t the be all and end all…lol…

    • Duh. Who said it was the end of all ? There talking about the next big thing. And obviously there are series that are close but I do agree that Twilight just shouldn’t be compared because each story is unique.

  11. Oh, I forgot to mention, I read the Host and thought it was just ‘ok’. I won’t be rushing to the theatre to see it and doubt it will be as big of a hit at the box office as Twilight.

    • Pretty sure everyone has an opinion about that book but I loved it. I’m sure the Host will be fine in the box office you don’t have to question that.

  12. Everyone is talking about all the “teen” movies that fail at the box office this weekend. Everyone is talking about the Hunger Games being the next HP or the next Twilight at the box office. But here is the thing. It is very hard to make a successful movie these days. Breaking the 100 million is almost impossible. Hunger Games is not going to take in over a 100 million in just a weekend like HP and Twilight did. HP and Twilight fell off dramatically the second week, so if Hunger Games took in 50 million in its opening weekend it will probably drop by 50% the next week and will continue to declined. I dont know. It is very hard to perdict. I dont think that HP beat Eclipse in North America but beat it internationally and that is because HP appeals to more people that just to a certain Genre.

  13. There are a lot of good novel series out there, but there are so many factors in getting them made into films. My favorite series is the Dresden Files books. There was a short-lived tv series based on the books, but it was a failure, and it’s easy to see why. Also, I think Jeanine Frost’s Night Huntress series would be fantastic on film. But both of these are definitely adult novels and not for the young adult market. I’ve also been into the Morganville Vampire series, which is for Young Adults, and it would probably make fun films. But the series isn’t finished yet, and I don’t think it has the massive following that the Twilight books have. Much of the Twilight-appeal has to do with the strong characters and the romance which is the main focus of the stories. Of course now the books have a much greater fan base once the films came out, which can be said about a lot of books that film adaptations have in their own way enhanced. Hollywood is always in a rush to capitalize on a good thing, and most susequent efforts are a dismal failure. Can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear and all that. But they keep trying.

  14. I must say that my favorite series of books are as follows:

    1) Harry Potter Books
    2) Twilight Books
    3) Mortal Instruments

    Could not get that crazy about the Hunger Games. After one book it was like I don’t really care that much about the characters so I have not wanted to read any more of the series. So could not care less if they actual do film the books.

    I am now into the book “The Discovery of Witches” (3 books series) and there is definitely a new sexy vampire in town by the name of Matthew Clairmont. The adult Edward Cullen.

    Will be interested to see how well the Mortal Instrument books translation on to film.