Shiloh Fernandez: On Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Shiloh Fernandez was revealed by Catherine Hardwicke to be one of the finalists (along with Jackson Rathbone and Ben Barnes) for the part of Edward Cullen. He is currently starring in Red Riding Hood. Shiloh’s been getting a lot of Twilight questions ever since. Here he clarifies some misquotes and talks about the opportunity.


  1. Josh is the best. Shiloh…sorry, nope.

  2. angel23 says:

    thank goodness she picked rob not at all how i pictured edward

  3. MeyaRose says:

    You know, when I saw him on Brothers and Sisters I remember thinking, THAT is how I pictured Edward. I would have picked him over Rob, but I think Rob has grown on me. I just think that he fits the Edward I imagined in the books better.

    • MeyaRose,Shiloh isn’t tall enough to be Edward Cullen,that part was made for Rob,noone else would ever come close to him for the part….

      • Who cares about how tall he is? Taylor Lautner is pretty short but in the books Jacob is suppose to be ridiculously tall

      • MeyaRose says:

        Are you forgetting how everyone hated Rob when he got the part? We all had a version of Edward Cullen in our heads before the movie was made. (Well, those of us oldies that have been fans since there were only a couple books.) I’m just saying that Shiloh matches the Edward in my head closer than Rob, looks wise.

        And if your going to be picky about height, Rob is 2 inches shorter than what SM said Edward’s height was. Big deal, I know. And Kristen is taller than book SM’s Bella. And Taylor is WAY shorter than Jacob. And Ashley Greene is taller. And Nikki Reed is shorter. And…. so on and so on.

  4. Hate to sound like an idiot, but which quote of his were they talking about that has been taken outta context?

    • Don’t worry Rebecca…you’re not the only one whose clueless! i’m there with you too!! so could somebody please enlighten us about this ‘out of context quote’?

      • Shiloh on his audition with Kristen…..
        *On screen testing with Kristen Stewart for the part of Edward Cullen in Twilight: “I wanted to talk about the relationship and the part, and she hadn’t read the book. She was sitting on the kitchen counter biting her nails and kicking her feet and I’m like, ‘What’s going on? Do you know how to speak? Can we communicate about this?’ So I ended up ignoring her and talking to Catherine (Hardwicke, the film’s director). What I didn’t realize of course was that she has a big say because she’s the lead girl and you have to have chemistry.”*……
        Of course Rob came in after Shiloh and when He and Kristen met,that was it,game over for anyone else…

  5. Hahahaha- the funny thing is his quote was probably completely innocent and spot on… as Kristen has a very unique approach to acting.

    BUT… Robert Pattinson IS Edward. Sorry Shiloh, no dice.

  6. I hope Shiloh learned his lesson about talking sh*t about other actors, especially Twilight actors, because this fanbase will not let it slide. It’s going to blow up in his face at some point if he keeps on doing it. Shiloh’s comments about Kristen made him look like an insensitive, annoying idiot. Hollywood is a small place and no-one wants to work with you if you act like a d*ck. Shiloh and Rob are like day and night when it comes to manners, Rob’s always such a polite gentleman.

  7. Rachelle says:

    I am sure that Shiloh can be a very nice person and just got caught up in the media spin that can happen in interviews BUT if he is going to be in HW he should definitely learn that talking negatively or even criticizing another actor is a no no unless you are looking for backlash. He is right, he has to be careful with what he says and how he says it.

    Definitely glad he didnt get the role. I did not picture him as Edward and I am so happy with Rob. I am sure he learned his lesson on many levels. Dont talk crap about other actors even if you meant it to mean something else and if you are auditioning with someone, make sure you actually know their role in the film before you ignore or alienate them.

  8. I don’t think what he said was that bad….and can’t you picture KS doing exactly what he said she did…lol. Her acting has gradually improved but she wasn’t a very good Bella in the beginning. Very unlike the character in the book!!

    • Cassie, I agree with you 100%. No worries, though, still got love for KStew and RPattz but I have to say, Shiloh is smoking hot too! Will definitely see RRH. Thanks to delle1 for pulling the quote.

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