Catherine Hardwicke: Twilight Audition Footage Too Hot To Handle?

Catherine Hardwicke is doing a lot of press for her new film Red Riding Hood and is dropping some Twilight facts along the way.


  1. What a b!tch! WE want that “audition” tape yesterday! YOU HEAR ME CH!

  2. Geez…unless they were literally making out without clothes on, just let the fans see it!!!

    • This footage will probably be on the complete dvd collection of Twilight in the future. Just another waiting game Scummit likes to put us through.

      • In your dreams, guys. As I said, not going to happen. I’m sure Kristen and Rob don’t want it published and they probably have it in their contracts. I really don’t understand why you all want to see it anyway, it probably wasn’t even that good. Catherine tends to exaggerate things.

  3. Oh come on, did someone actually think we’d see the tape? Not going to happen, and anyway, it’s probably Summit’s and not Catherine’s to give. Like the actors would ever authorize publishing it, even if Summit/Catherine would want that.

  4. I think we can handle it! 😉

  5. Anonymous says

    Seriously? Thats the lamest excuse for not releasing footage that I’ve heard…..well since Slade gave the reason for not releasing the Jacob/Bella scene on the Eclipse dvd. That was pretty damn lame too!

  6. Come on Catherine us fans can handle it 100%. Yep never going to see it. Just had to say we could handle it. lol

  7. What the hell ? WE CAN HANDLE IT ! CATHERINE WE WANT IT !!!!

  8. smitten_by_twilight says

    There are already riots. What’s one more?

    • There’s riots because they aren’t sharing it. After all the PG-13 ratings I think we deserve alittle video of some “heavy petting”.

  9. Hmph.I wanna see it oh so bad.I hope she changes her mind and decides to release it later….as a goodbye gift to the fandom,maybe?

  10. You guys need to calm down. If you are that desperate to see it you probably can’t handle it. As soem have said before, the footage is most likely property of Summit. Many movies have scenes that are released many years later or never at all. Move on.