Next Movie: The Twilight Awards

The Confessions of a Male Twi-Hard blog over at Next Movie has an idea that’s not all that crazy:

“The Academy Awards have to attract young viewers to remain the biggest awards show. That’s why they expanded the Best Picture category to 10 nominees, allowing more populist films to be included.

They’ve also started a huge social networking push, announcing recently that the ceremony will be streaming live online, and named the unlikely young duo of Anne Hathaway and James Franco as co-hosts.

This is all costing the Academy a pretty penny, during a time when movie ticket sales are down. However, all they really need to attract younger viewers is “The Twilight Saga.”

I am not suggesting that the prestigious awards show should tarnish its reputation by including “Twilight” nominees in undeserved categories. Most reasonable Twi-Hards are willing to admit Robert Pattinson’s performance as Edward doesn’t quite match up to Colin Firth in “The King’s Speech” or James Franco in “127 Hours.”

What I am suggesting, simply, is they add some categories where “Twilight” will be a lock.

Creepiest Supernatural Performance
Dakota Fanning in “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”
Ashley Bell in “The Last Exorcism”
Dimitri Coats in “Suck”
Ken Jeong in “Vampires Suck”

WINNER: Dakota Fanning”

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  1. Judy Bradley says:

    I don’t like the way it sounds demeaning to Twilight. There are more & more people of retirement age now, but many do not have money to see movies so do not care about the awards – especially since they do not involve many actors they are familiar with so they really do need to appeal to the younger, up & coming audiences. By the way I am retirement age and I would definitely watch it if Twilight were involved!

  2. I am very much upset at thoses people. Because i was to believe that hearing that the acadamy was going to show something twilight made me thought. “Wow this is awesome they finally believed that it was a cool movie and they want to share it with the rest of us”. Boy was i dead wrong they say the things to get us lured in. They are not interessed in the twilight world. They only care on how the ratings go. Which i found so funny and sad at the sametime.

    I found it sad because i was waiting 3 hours for nothing but a stupid small musical that was not evem funny.

    I find it funny because i know when we hear about twilight sneak peek we easily get crazy and make sure to pin the date to know what day it will show and we will DVR it. Like last year when we heard that the mtv movie awards were going to show the trailer of eclipse we made mtv network the highest ratings ever because it’s so popular.

    But funny enough the oscars mentions twilight and some of us watch “LIKE ME” and the network lost ratings. So in a way it’s sad and funny.

  3. Creating a catagory that would allow films like the “Twilight Saga” to compete would simply undermine what the Academy Awards were created for. Almost all of us Twi-hards will readily admit that the movies aren’t that grand, especially in comparison to what has been done by WB for the Harry Potter series, and other notible series. The whole point of the show is to praise film makers, actors, actresses, and everybody involved with the process for doing an outstanding job, usually going above and beyond the call of duty. The judges aren’t looking for popularity (that is why films in the past, like Brokeback Mountain won awards) but quality of story structure, acting, and over all presentation.

    For films like the Twilight Saga to get nominated, they have to step up the game. Meaning Summit has to make a GOOD movie, and not just a half-way decent Twilight film.

    I’m all for them reaching out to younger viewers, but I disagree with lowering the standers per say, just to lure teens and other young adults.

    This is why there is the MTV Movie Awards, of which is ALL about pop culture. Twilight dominates these awards no matter how subquality it is in comparison to some of its other contenders like Steward (New Moon) beating Sandra Bullock (Blind Side). New Moon beating Avatar… ergo… Because the judges (namely us) aren’t voting based upon quality, we are voting for the films we simply liked.

  4. Isn’t that why they have Scream Awards? It’s an award show dedicated to horror, sci-fi and fantasy genres and Twilight has already won Best Fantasy Movie last year at the show.

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