Breaking Dawn Cast And Crew Happenings February 2011 and OSCAR Party With Bill Condon!

Wonder what’s going on up there in Vancouver? Well we told you how the snow has made the schedule interesting. Guri Weinberg who plays Stefan confirmed that on his Twitter tonight. He also is itching to try some local cuisine with Peter Facinelli in tow. Apparently local Vancouver boy, Noel Clarke Fisher (sorry Dr. Who on the brain), made the recommendation of wherever they are going.

In other news the Twilight Takes Over Baton Rouge Facebook group has some info. As their info tends to be reliable we are putting it up. All we can say is WE WISH WE WERE THERE!!!!! HOW COOL!

You can find them on Facebook. They are also having a charity auction featuring some actor signed items. A local children’s hospital benefits.

Now the best news also seems to come from Guri Weinberg’s Twitter. He hinted that the cast will be going on some kind of PR tour. The dates and locations are still being worked out, but he did mention two: Nashville and New York City.


  1. Anonymous says:

    It was an Eclipse auto-tune song …and thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I may be planning a roadtrip!!

  3. I wish I had been there with them when the Auto-tune was shown! LOL!

  4. charlotte says:

    Nope you are wrong again its not snow that has made the weather interesting, that stuff has been gone for 5 days. We had a high wind warning which is why production was rescheduled. Not fun to be chasing gear that has been blown about, but the warning was just that, a warning. Production was filming all day today and the weather was gorgeous.

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